MASSPIRG’s Kirstie Pecci speaks at MA Regional Transportation Conference

On Monday, September 15th, MASSPIRG’s Kirstie Pecci presented “Transportation and the New Generation”.

Ben Martin-McDonough

On Monday, September 15th, MASSPIRG’s Kirstie Pecci presented “Transportation and the New Generation,” a synthesis of the national research by Phineas Baxandall (U.S. PIRG) and Tony Dutzik (Frontier Group) to the Massachusetts Association of Regional Transit Authorities (Massachusetts’ 15 Bus networks throughout the state). She also detailed MASSPIRG’s work with the Transportation for Massachusetts Coalition on the bi-annual progress report “Keeping on Track: Our Progress in Reforming and Funding Transportation since Passage of the Massachusetts Transportation Finance Act of 2013.”

According to Kirstie:

“One of the highlights of the day — When State Senator Ben Downing explained his commitment to expanding public transportation in Massachusetts, he said that this issue was framed for him by one of his constituents, a student active in MASSPIRG that we arranged for him to meet more than a year ago. The student, Josh, perfectly described the ways in which public transportation allowed him to get a college education, yet was still too limited to allow him to fully participate in everything his school had to offer. I was very proud that one of our students had made such a profound impression on the Senator.”


Ben Martin-McDonough

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