Massachusetts Vaccine Education: Resource Page

The MASSPIRG Education fund is a non-partisan organization working to educate Baystaters about the COVID-19 vaccines. In partnership with Massachusetts healthcare professionals, we seek to promote accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccines with the understanding that access to this information is crucial when making your decision about whether to get vaccinated. 


COVID-19 Vaccines: What BayStaters need to know 

If you have not received the COVID-19 vaccine, you should consider getting vaccinated

  • COVID-19 is in our state, and the best way to protect ourselves and our communities from getting sick is to get fully vaccinated. 

  • The delta variant is twice as contagious as other variants, and the risk of infection and severe illness is greater for unvaccinated people. 

  • Even though most Baystaters and including most people in Western Massachusetts have been vaccinated, COVID-19 will continue to spread and mutate unless each resident gets vaccinated. 

The COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective

  • The evidence continues to show that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective for people 5 years of age and older, including those who are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant. 

  • The technology used to develop the COVID-19 vaccines is not unknown; scientists have been working on this vaccine technology for 30 years. 

  • With the FDA approval of one of the COVID-19 vaccines, those who said they would “wait and see” can be even more confident that the vaccines work and are safe. 

To most effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19, a combination of vaccinations, masking, and physical distancing is important 

  • While recommendations may shift as we learn more about COVID-19, a combined use of vaccines, masks, and physical distancing still remain effective at preventing COVID-19 transmission. 

  • The COVID-19 vaccine and other protective measures are like rain gear. While you still might get a little damp when you have your raincoat, rain boots, and umbrella, you won’t get nearly as soaked as those who are in the rain without anything at all. 

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is convenient and free

  • Some pharmacies and vaccination clinics no longer require appointments, and the shots are free of charge, which means it’s more convenient than ever to protect yourself against COVID-19 by getting vaccinated. 

  • To find a vaccine site near you, click here, or call (887) 211-6277

  • COVID-19 Homebound Vaccination Program: Any individual who has trouble getting to a vaccine site is eligible for the homebound program. Individuals can call (833) 983-0485 to register for an in-home vaccination. The registration phone line is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM and has representatives who speak English and Spanish, as well as translation services available in 100+ languages.

If you have any questions or concerns about getting vaccinated, talk to your doctor

  • There’s a lot of misinformation circulating about the COVID-19 vaccines, but your doctor can help provide accurate information and address any concerns you may have. 

For more information: Bay State Health, Public Health Institute of Western MA, MA Dept of Public Health, Center for Disease Control and Prevention

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has a Frequently Asked Questions site that is continually updated as they receive new questions. You may access the FAQs here. Questions can be submitted to [email protected].


Deirdre Cummings

Legislative Director, MASSPIRG

Deirdre runs MASSPIRG’s public health, consumer protection and tax and budget programs. Deirdre has led campaigns to improve public records law and require all state spending to be transparent and available on an easy-to-use website, close $400 million in corporate tax loopholes, protect the state’s retail sales laws to reduce overcharges and preserve price disclosures, reduce costs of health insurance and prescription drugs, and more. Deirdre also oversees a Consumer Action Center in Weymouth, Mass., which has mediated 17,000 complaints and returned $4 million to Massachusetts consumers since 1989. Deirdre currently resides in Maynard, Mass., with her family. Over the years she has visited all but one of the state's 351 towns — Gosnold.

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