Got a consumer complaint? MASSPIRG Education Fund’s video has answers

What do you do when a debt collector is harassing you?

What do you do when a debt collector is harassing you?

A video by MASSPIRG Education Fund, released on June 17, points the way to resolution of this and other consumer problems, directing viewers to one of the dozen-plus consumer offices across the Bay State. Working in cooperation with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, offices like the MASSPIRG Consumer Action Center in Weymouth recover millions of dollars for consumers who request help—and there’s no fee for our service.

“Being a consumer in today’s marketplace can be tough,” said Janet Domenitz, executive director of MASSPIRG. “The Consumer Action Center helps level the playing field for consumers when they’re overcharged, sold a faulty appliance, or are otherwise done wrong by a business.”

Since 1989, the CAC staff have mediated more than 16,000 complaints and returned nearly $4 million to Massachusetts consumers. If you have a consumer problem, call our office at 781-335-0280 today.

Watch the video.

Photo: Massachusetts consumers who’ve been overcharged, sold an appliance that doesn’t work, or have a warranty that’s not being honored can turn to the MASSPIRG Consumer Action Center to help resolve their dispute. Credit: Next Day Animations