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MarylandPIRG supports Baltimore’s public financing program

Money shouldn’t be a barrier to running for office. Maryland’s new fair election fund will hopefully open the doors for more candidates.

On Nov. 15, new public financing legislation was introduced in the city of Baltimore. Voters approved of the public financing campaign last year by referendum. The public financing program will have different requirements for candidates based on the position they are running for, but all money for their campaigns must come from county residents. Local candidates can only accept donations from individuals for up to $250 and must refuse donations from political action committees, corporations and other political parties.

“This measure is meant to safeguard the fund from candidates running frivolous campaigns to take advantage of the funding,” said Rishi Shah, Maryland PIRG advocate.

When a candidate ends a campaign, any leftover money will go directly back into the financing system.

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Photo: Baltimore’s public financing program is expected to take effect for the 2024 election cycle. Credit: Gilda Daniels via The Pandemic Election, CC BY-SA 2.0

Gina Goldenberg

Former Creative Associate, Editorial & Creative Team, The Public Interest Network

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