Maryland PIRG Foundation report details threat of PFAS chemicals

Toxic threats

Nearly every American has toxic PFAS chemicals in their blood. A new report tells us how PFAS contamination puts our health at risk and what we can do about it.

On Dec. 16, Maryland PIRG Foundation released “The Threat of ‘Forever Chemicals,’” offering recommendations for policymakers to address the threat of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), which are used in common household goods and contaminate groundwater, drinking water and seafood. The report calls for the regulation and restriction of the entire class of chemicals, establishing health-protecting limits for PFAS in water, and holding the chemical industry accountable for the damage PFAS have caused.

“It is alarming to know that we have no protection against PFAS chemicals in our drinking water,” said Emily Scarr, state director of Maryland PIRG.

“We need to protect our families’ health and hold polluting industries accountable for cleaning up the mess they’ve made.”

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Pass the George “Walter” Taylor Act

Pass the George “Walter” Taylor Act

We are calling on legislators to protect public health by restricting the use and disposal of toxic PFAS chemicals in Maryland. Please send a message to your state legislators today.

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Photo: The Maryland Department of the Environment tested water samples and found that 75% of them had quantifiable levels of PFAS. Credit: CC0

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