End The Nicotine Trap

Knock tobacco out of the park

Today we launched a campaign for tobacco free stadiums in Baltimore City.

staff | Used by permission
Maryland PIRG joined Baltimore City Councilmembers Burnett, Ramos, and Cohen, the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, No Boundaries Coalition, the Maryland Heart Association, the American Cancer Society Action Network, public health professors, and young people to launch a campaign for tobacco free stadiums in Baltmore City.

On Monday, Councilman Kris Burnett introduced an ordinance to prohibit tobacco and nicotine products in Baltimore City stadiums to protect Baltimore’s kids from nicotine addiction.

If passed, Baltimore would join 16 cities with a Major League Baseball team that prohibit smokeless tobacco use in ballparks. The ordinance would also apply to all city-owned stadiums in the city, Camden Yards, and M&T Bank Stadium.


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