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Gov. Moore Doubles Efficiency Goals for State Buildings

Gov. Moore signed an executive order to doubling the state's energy efficiency goals for state buildings to reduce energy costs and climate emissions.

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Gov. Moore just signed an executive order to increase energy efficiency in state owned buildings to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.  The order doubles existing goals from a 10% decrease by 2029 to a 20% decrease by 2031.

“Achieving more ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals is a means to promote the health and wellness of Marylanders not only for tomorrow, but for generations to come,” said Gov. Moore in a release.

The cleanest, most affordable energy is energy we don’t use. Improving the efficiency and reducing the use of fossil fuels in state buildings will improve indoor air quality, lower  state energy bills, and help transition to 100% clean, renewable energy to power our lives.

The new order also calls for ongoing energy audits of state buildings to access best ways to reduce energy use and emissions. If you hare interested in getting an energy audit of your home, contact your utility’s energy efficiency program.

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