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Emily Scarr makes the case for action to reduce PFAS

Toxic threats

At a virtual gathering of legislators and environmental advocates, we made the case for stopping the use of “forever chemicals” in our everyday products.

On Jan. 25, Emily Scarr, state director of Maryland PIRG, spoke at the Maryland Environmental Legislative Summit, on toxic PFAS chemicals and why we must act on them. In 2021, researchers found that 75% of all drinking water tested was contaminated with PFAS and in the fall of 2021, Maryland issued its first fish consumption advisory because of PFAS contamination.

“To stop the chemicals from contaminating our drinking water and our bodies, we need to eliminate the sources of contamination, which means eliminating PFAS from our products and making sure they are disposed of properly,” said Emily.

The problems associated with PFAS range from an increased risk of cancer to hormone disruption, immune suppression and developmental issues. To make matters worse, PFAS are nicknamed “forever chemicals” because they persist in the environment.

Watch the webinar.

Learn more about our Stop Toxic PFAS campaign. 


Photo: Emily Scarr presents a short informative video on the cause for concern about PFAS. Credit: Staff 

Gina Goldenberg

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