Save the Bees Web-Bee-Nar

Environment California hosted a webinar about the latest threats facing bee populations in California and what we can do about it.

Dave Angelini | TPIN
Bees are dying off at an unsustainable rate, with serious consequences for our natural world. They play a vital role as pollinators, and losing them would have a devastating ripple effect across all ecosystems. That’s why we’re working to expand bee habitats and stop the use of bee-killing pesticides.
We will have expert panelists share some of the factors contributing to bee die-off, and provide a chance to be part of the solution, from learning how to grow a pollinator friendly garden and supporting our campaign to reduce bee killing pesticides in the environment. In addition to Environment California staff, we will be joined by:
  • Professor Gordon Frankie, UC Berkeley faculty and founder of the Urban Bee Lab-Madeline Kangas, Xerces Society Pollinator Conservation Specialist
  • Laura Deehan, Director, Environment California
  • Steve Blackledge, Conservation Program Director, Environment America
  • Malia Libby, Save the Bees Campaign Associate, Environment California
Here are some resources mentioned in the web-bee-nar:
Xerces society offers lots of resources so that we can help save the bees:…/pollinator-friendly-plant-lists
Professor Dr Frankie’s resources, including a soon to be available guide to help identify common bee species and some of the best pollinator friendly wildflowers can be found at his website: and he recommends checking out the website for Pollinator Partnership:
Here is the blog post Emily Kowalski created to turn your amazon box into a bee to share with Amazon

Laura Deehan

State Director, Environment California

Laura directs Environment California's work to tackle global warming, protect the ocean and fight for clean air, clean water, open spaces and a livable planet. Laura stepped into the State Director role in January, 2021 and has been on staff for over twenty years. She has led campaigns to make sure California goes big on offshore wind and to get lead out of school drinking water. As the Environment California Field Director, she worked to get California to go solar, ban single use plastic grocery bags and get on track for 100% clean energy. Laura lives with her family in Richmond, California where she enjoys hiking, yoga and baking.