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Beyond plastic

The high cost of fast fashion

From pesticides to fossil fuels, it takes a lot of resources to make a T-shirt.


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Patient protections needed from medical credit cards
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Health care

Patient protections needed from medical credit cards

U.S. PIRG files comments relating to financial products for medical services. This relatively new version of a credit card, marketed specifically for health care services and products, usually lures in applicants with promises of a promotional 0% APR for an introductory period of 6-18 months. What is not always evident to the applicant is the more complex terms of the financial agreement.

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Ringing in Our Fears 2023

Consumer alerts

Ringing in Our Fears 2023

More than 5,000 phone companies still haven't installed robocall defense equipment. Tens of millions of consumers lost money to scam calls last year, with a median loss of $1,400. We look at what's being done to fight robocalls and robotexts, and what's next.


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