Senate confirms Lina Khan as Federal Trade Commission commissioner

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After decisive 69-28 bipartisan vote, consumer champion is headed to FTC

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate voted Tuesday to confirm Columbia University Professor Lina Khan, a noted antitrust and anti-monopoly law expert, as a Federal Trade Commission Commissioner. U.S. PIRG supported President Joe Biden’s nomination of Khan to the FTC and called on senators to confirm her based on her almost unparalleled qualifications. 

Here is an excerpt from our letter of support, signed by PIRG’s Senior Director of Federal Consumer Program, Edmund Mierzwinski, and our Senior Campaign Director for the Right to Repair, Nathan Proctor: 

“We believe Ms. Khan’s expertise and experience as a leading voice in antitrust will be a great asset to the FTC at this critical moment. Lina Khan’s leadership and rigor as an investigator was evidenced in the groundbreaking, bipartisan House Judiciary inquiry into Big Tech competition and monopoly issues. From companies undermining our ability to fix our own devices, to undermining competition in the digital marketplace, to overly-consolidated firms undermining farmers and producers, we know we have problems to fix in terms of competition and antitrust. We believe Ms. Khan is willing and capable to hold Big Tech accountable, delivering results for farmers, consumers and nascent competitors who are being squeezed by overly concentrated markets.”