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New Report: Energy Efficiency for Everyone

We just released our new report "Energy Efficiency for Everyone: How to Supercharge EmPOWER Maryland."

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Photo credits clockwise: Row houses in Baltimore, Maryland. Photo credit: Alexphotographic via iStock. Installing ceiling insulation. Photo credit: Juice Verve via Shutterstock. Downtown Frederick. Photo Credit: Christian Hinkle via Shutterstock. Caulking a window. Photo credit: StepPro via iStock.

EmPOWER Maryland, the state’s energy efficiency program, has saved Marylanders a lot of energy and money. Since 2008, the EmPOWER Maryland program has provided Marylanders with energy audits and weatherization, rebates for appliances, and discounts and incentives for businesses to upgrade their energy efficiency.

On Wednesday, we released a new report which found that EmPOWER Maryland, while successful, could spark more energy savings, deliver more for low-income customers, and more adequately support the state’s climate goals.

Check out our Twitter thread on the report, and read the whole thing here!

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