Hi, I’m Kyanna

I am the new fellow with Maryland PIRG, a recent graduate, an activist and environmentalist. 

I am the new fellow with Maryland PIRG, a recent graduate, an activist and environmentalist. I recently started working at Maryland PIRG after three weeks of job training. 

I graduated from Goucher College in 2018 where I majored in Environmental Studies and Political Science. During my time at Goucher I learned about the problems we face today and got involved in Baltimore City doing environmental education and improving access to green space in Curtis Bay and Brooklyn.

I decided to work for a nonprofit because I wanted to do something that mattered. Maryland PIRG is concerned with issues that affect the public, from the environment to consumer safety, from public health to the health of our democracy. I want to do something good for my community, my city, my state, and my country.

This fall I’m working with the Baltimore Fair Elections Campaign, leading Maryland PIRG’s efforts to pass ballot question H in Baltimore to create the Baltimore Fair Election Fund and Commission.  I am excited to be working on the campaign because I believe everyone should have a voice and a say in our democracy. 

Question H will lay the groundwork for Baltimore to establish a new way to fund elections through small dollar donations and get corporate and large donor money out. If we’re successful, Baltimore will join Montgomery County, Howard County, and Washington D.C. in moving towards this new way to fund elections and get big money out of our elections.

The upcoming months are sure to be busy and exciting, working and campaigning to bring fair elections to Baltimore, to put people in charge of our democracy instead of corporate interests and  big money. I am ecstatic to participate in a number of other campaigns that affect people’s daily lives; such as protecting our antibiotics and defending consumers from toxic chemical exposure. This is the kind of work will make the world a better place, by winning hearts and minds, one small step at a time. 

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