Apply to be a Public Health Intern this summer or fall!

Want to work alongside lead Maryland PIRG staff?   Want to gain valuable work experience?   Want to work on important public health issues affecting our daily lives?   Apply now for an unpaid internship this summer or fall!

Juliana Bilowich

Public Health Internship

Who? Students! Undergraduate, Graduate, or JD.

What? Help move industry to eliminate toxic chemicals from food packaging and personal care products; educate communities about the dangers chemical exposure; and engage elected officials to support public health laws.

Where & When? Volunteer 10-20 hrs/wk. Flexible schedule based out of Charles Village office.

How? Write letters to the editor; attend meetings with community groups and businesses; organize tabling and screening events; plan press conferences; create social media and website content; recruit volunteers; petition at farmer’s markets; make a change in the world.

Email cover letter and a resume to [email protected].


Juliana Bilowich