Shut down, start over, do it right

An open letter to America’s decision makers, on behalf of health professionals across the country.


** This is an open letter to America’s decision makers, on behalf of health professionals across the country. It was originally drafted on July 15th. We’ll update the list regularly with signatures.**

Are you a health professional?


Not a health professional? We need you too.


Dear decision makers,

Hit the reset button.

Of all the nations in the world, we’ve had the most deaths from COVID-19. At the same time, we’re in the midst of “reopening our economy,” exposing more and more people to coronavirus and watching numbers of cases — and deaths — skyrocket.

In March, people went home and stayed there for weeks, to keep themselves and their neighbors safe. You didn’t use the time to set us up to defeat the virus. And then you started to reopen anyway, and too quickly.

Right now we are on a path to lose nearly 300,000 American lives by December 1st. Yet, in many states people can drink in bars, get a haircut, eat inside a restaurant, get a tattoo, get a massage, and do myriad other normal, pleasant, but non-essential activities.

Get our priorities straight.

More than 117,000 Americans had died of COVID-19 by mid-June. If our response had been as effective as Germany’s, estimates show that we would have had only 36,000 COVID-19 deaths in that period in the United States. If our response had been as effective as South Korea, Australia, or Singapore’s, fewer than 2,000 Americans would have died. We could have prevented 99% of those COVID-19 deaths. But we didn’t.

The best thing for the nation is not to reopen as quickly as possible, it’s to save as many lives as possible. And reopening before suppressing the virus isn’t going to help the economy. Economists have gone on record saying that the only way to “restore the economy is to address the pandemic itself,” pointing out that until we find a way to boost testing and develop and distribute a vaccine, open or not, people will not be in the mood to participate.

Listen to the experts.

Public health professionals have made clear that even after we’ve contained the virus by staying at home, in order to reopen American cities and towns safely, we will need:

— Enough daily testing capacity to test everyone with flu-like symptoms plus anyone they have been in close contact with over the last 2 weeks (at least 10 additional tests per symptomatic person). We currently have about half of the testing capacity we need to meet that threshold. The more people get sick, the more testing is required.

— A workforce of contact tracers large enough to trace all current cases. That’s 210,000 more contact tracers than we had in April, but the number keeps going up as infections rise. Most states are far short of the number of contact tracers they need.

In addition, we need more personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep essential workers like health professionals, emergency responders, and grocery store clerks safe.

Shut down now, and start over.

Non-essential businesses should be closed. Restaurant service should be limited to take-out. People should stay home, going out only to get food and medicine or to exercise and get fresh air. Masks should be mandatory in all situations, indoors and outdoors, where we interact with others.

We need that protocol in place until case numbers recede to a level at which we have the capacity to effectively test and trace. Then, and only then, we can try a little more opening, one small step at a time.

You should bar non-essential interstate travel. When people travel freely between states, the good numbers in one state can go bad quickly.

If you don’t take these actions, the consequences will be measured in widespread suffering and death.

We need you to lead.

Tell the American people the truth about the virus, even when it’s hard. Take bold action to save lives — even when it means shutting down again.

Unleash the resources needed to contain the virus: massively ramping up testing, building the necessary infrastructure for effective contact tracing, and providing a safety net for those who need it.

Many of the actions of our government thus far have fallen short of what the moment demands. Mr. Trump, federal administration, honorable governors: we remind you that history has its eyes on you.


Matthew Wellington
Public Health Campaigns Director, U.S. PIRG

Ezekiel J. Emanuel, M.D., Ph.D.
Vice Provost of Global Initiatives
Chair, Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy
Levy University Professor
Co-Director, Healthcare Transformation Institute
Perelman School of Medicine and The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania

Krutika Kuppalli, MD
Infectious Diseases Physician and Emerging Leader in Biosecurity Fellow at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

William Hanage, PhD
Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health

Saskia Popescu, PhD, MPH, MA, CIC
University of Arizona

David Sherman, PhD
University of Washington

Karen Thickman, PhD
University of Washington, Department of Microbiology

Richard H. Ebright, Ph.D.
Rutgers University

Seth Trueger, MD MPH

Sanjat Kanjilal, MD, MPH
Harvard Medical School, Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Valerie Bengal, MD FAAFP former UCSF Associate Clinical Professor
UC Santa Cruz and Capacitar International

Reshma Ramachandran, MD, MPP
National Clinician Scholars Program, Yale School of Medicine

Janet Perlman, MD, MPH

David Rosen, MD, PhD
Washington University School of Medicine

Drew Schwartz, MD, PhD
Washington University School of Medicine

Howard Forman, MD, MBA
Yale University

Krysia Lindan, MD MS
University of California, San Francisco

Margaret Handley, PhD MPH
University of California San Francisco, Department of Epidemiology and Medicine

Thomas Lietman, MD

Travis Porco, PhD, MPH
University of California, San Francisco

Veronica Miller, PhD
UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Kenneth Rosenberg, MD, MPH
PHSU-PSU School of Public Health

Jason Newland, MD
Washington University

Elizabeth Jacobs, PhD
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Arizona

Fern P. Nelson, M.D.
Veterans Administration Hospital

James Gaudino, MD MS MPH FACPM
OHSU-PSU School of Public Health & Gaudino Consulting

Joan Casey, PhD
Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health

Bruce Agins, MD MPH

Kay Mattson, MSW, MPH
Independent international Public Health Consultant

Patricia Harper, MA
San Bernardino Balley College

Bonnica Zuckerman, MPH

Paul Song, MD

Katherine Villers, MUA
Community Catalyst

Angela Rasmussen, PhD
Columbia Mailman School of Public Health

Megan Ranney, MD MPH
Brown University & GetUsPPE

Bethany Letiecq, PhD
George Mason University

Vineet Arora, MD MAPP
University of Chicago and IMPACT4HC

Marian Betz, MD, MPH

Pete DeBalli, MD
UCF School of Medicine

Carrie Beckman, PharmD

Linda Girgis, MD

Krys Johnson, PhD, MPH
Temple University

Ryan Marino, MD
Case Western Reserve University

Eric Goralnick, MD, MS
Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Michael Kelly, PhD, MSW
Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work

Wade Berrettini, MD, PhD
U. of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Aalim Weljie, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania

Kevin Foskett, PhD
University of Pennsylvania

John Hansen-Flaschen, MD
University of Pennsylvania

Garret FitzGerald, MD
University of Pennsylvania

Amy Humrichouser, MD
University of Michigan

Aurora Horstkamp, MD
Washington State University

Timothy Ellender, MD
Indiana University

Christine Brewer, MSW MSN RN
Villanova University

Pamela Norton, PhD
Drexel University College of Medicine

Diane McKay, Psy.D.

Dominique Ruggieri, PhD
School of Medicine and Center for Public Health Initiatives, University of Pennsylvania

Eve Bloomgarden, MD
Northwestern University and IMPACT4HC

Nicole Theodoropoulos, MD
UMass Memorial Medical Center

Catherine Marsh, B.A.

Jerry Soucy, RN CHPN
Death Nurse, LLC

Jonathan Moreno, PhD
University of Pennsylvania

Lana Fishkin, MD
Thomas Jefferson University

Jack Colford, MD MPH PhD
UC Berkeley

Rohini Haar, MD MPH
UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Maimuna Majumder, PhD, MPH
Boston Children’s Hospital & Harvard Medical School

Sangeeta Ahluwalia, PhD
UCLA Fielding School of Public Health

Laura Whiteley, MD
Brown University

Patience Afulani, PhD

Vernon Chinchilli, PhD
Penn State College of Medicine

Pamina Gorbach, DrPH
Fielding School of Public Health, UCLA

Judith Hahn, PhD
University of California, San Francisco

Benjamin Lerman, MD
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

William Davidson, M.D.

E John Wherry, PhD
University of Pennsylvania

Mary Sullivan, RN,DNP
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Mark Cullen, MD
Stanford University

Nathan Wong, PhD
University of California, Irvine

Ondine von Ehrenstein, PhD, MPH
Fielding School of Public Health, UCLA

James Fletcher, MD, FACEP
Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University

Meenakshi Bewtra, MD, MPH, PhD
University of Pennsylvania

David Albright, MD

Michael Gough, MD
Catholic Health System of Buffalo and University at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine

Dianne Friedman, Ph.D.
Retired university professor

Robin Taylor Wilson, PhD
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, College of Public Health, Temple University

Janice Nash, RN, MSN, DNP
Carlow University College of Health and Wellness

Marsha Ellias-Frankel, MSW
American Association of Marriage & Family Therapists

Yaneer Bar-Yam, PhD
New England Complex Systems Institute

Mae Sakharov, MA, MED, EdD
Bucks County Community College

Jeremy Rossman, PhD
Research-Aid Networks

Judith B Clinco, RN
Catalina In Home Services

Shakuntala Choudhury, PhD
Statistical Research & Consulting LLC

Kari-Ann Hunter Thompson, PhD Student
Walden University

Aaron Green, PhD
Iridium Consulting

Kate Sugarman, MD
Unity Health Care

Resa M. Jones, PhD, MPH
Temple University

Brandie Taylor, PhD
Temple University

Susan Safford, Ph.D.
Lincoln University of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Graciela Jaschek, PhD, MPH
Temple University

Eunice Wong, BFA, E-RYT, CPT

Betelihem Tobo, PhD
Temple University

Michelle Davis, Phd
MSD Consulting

Maggie Baker, Ph.D.
Baker & Baker Associates

David Tuller, DrPH
School of Public Health, UC Berkeley

Ernest Wang, MD, FACEP
NorthShore University HealthSystem

Ramzi Nahhas, PhD
Wright State University

Felicia Etzkorn, PhD
Virginia Tech

Rhoda Pappert, MBA, MHA, FACHE, RN
Retired, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Christine Severance, D.O.
Doc Moms

Neil Sehgal, Ph.D, M.P.H.
University of Maryland School of Public Health

Kristine Siefert, PhD, MPH
The University of Michigan

Deborah Cohan, MD, MPH
Professor, University of California San Francisco

Sherry Bassi, EdD, PHCNS,BC
University of CT, Western NMU ( retired )

Anna Valdez, Ph.D., RN
Sonoma State University

Elizabeth Chamberlain, PhD
University of Colorado Anschutz SOM

Cameron Mura, PhD
University of Virginia

Elizabeth (Libby) Schaefer, MD, MPH
Harvard Medical School/Kaiser Permanente

Joyce Millen, PhD, MPH
Willamette University

Jacob Newcomb, MD
VEP Healthcare

Sarah Friedland, LPC, LCMHC, ACS, DRCC
Volunteers of America

Dina Ghosh, MD
Montefiore Medical Center

Neil Korman, MD, PhD
University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Maura McLaughlin, MD
Blue Ridge Family Practice

Lynn Ringenberg, MD
Physicians for Social Responsibility/Florida

Krisztian Magori, PhD
Eastern Washington University

Timothy McLaughlin, MD
Blue Ridge Family Practice

Brian Thorndyke, PhD
Indiana University School of Medicine

Vee Martinez, Medical Assistant

Denise Somsak, MD

Jeannine Tennyson, BSN, RN
School Nurse

Mark Peifer, PhD
UNC-Chapel Hill, Department of Biology

Marvin Brooke, MD, MS
University of Washington

Michael Halasy, DHSc, MS, PA-C
Mayo Clinic

Kendal Maxwell, PhD
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Richard Reeves, MD, FACP
RAR Consulting LLC (Clinical Pharmacologist)

Brenden La Faive, EMT
WI Licensed EMT EMS

Gina Tartarelli, OT

John Holmes, PhD
University Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Ramnath Subbaraman, MD, MSc
Tufts University School of Medicine

Vi Tran, MSW
Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute

Anne Rimoin, PhD, MPH
UCLA Fielding School of Public Health

Devron Averett, Ph.D.
Retired Pharmaceutical R&D Executive

Ethel Harris, RN, BSN
home health care

Jeff Jacobs, MD
University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine

Donald K Wallace, M.D., M.P.H.
Former President, National Association of County Health Officers

Gwendolyn Cameron, MH/A Peer Recovery Support Specialist

Kathleen McCarty, RN,MS
Premise Health

Kristen Frazier, DDS
Academy kids dental

Mo Sami, PhD

Alan Graham, MD
Banner Health

James Knight, C.B.E.T.; BSEE
Renown Healthcare

Andrew Goldstein, MD, MPH
NYU School of Medicine

Brad Bigford, NP-C, CCHP
Table Rock Mobile Medicine

James Lee, DO, AAHIVS
Private practice

Pamela Kersey, EdD, MSN, PHN, RN
Cuyamaca College

David Austin, M.D.
Pathologist (Retired)

Ping Fisher, MD
Stanford Health Care

Charles Chiu, MD, PhD
University of California, San Francisco

Jennifer Fish, MD
Sutter Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency Program

Rose Marie Holt, PhD MD

Jeffrey Halter, MD
Maine Medical Center

Arthur Childs, DO,MSHQSM
Dr Arthur Childs Medical Home

Nicole Wolfe, MSW, LSW
Indiana School Social Workers Association

Gary Urbano, RT
Kaiser Permanente

Marie Angela Bontigao, MSN, FNP-BC, RN, PHN

Mark Gubrud, PhD
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Daniel Rio, PhD
Retired NIH, Lecturer JHU

Lipi Roy, MD, MPH, FASAM
Housing Works Medical Director

Karimi Gituma, MD
Kaiser Permanente

Earl Campbell, MD
Emeritus Professor, MCO-University of Toledo

Erin Cluts, MSW, LCSW

Elaine Kulawas, RN
Emergency Department, Kent Hospital CNE

Bernadette Reilly-Smorawski, RN LICSW

Paula Aucoin, MD
Infectious Diseases, Berkshire Medical Center

Ashish Tolia, D.O.

Sandra Peak, MD
Fellow American Academy of Pediatrics

May Chu, PhD
Colorado School of Public Health

Havon Knight, MD
HKnightMD HealthLink, LLC

Rhonda Merchant, M.D.

Ernesto Resnik, PhD

Stacy Baca, RDA

National Association of School Nurses

Jaclyn Jennetten, LPN
Home health nurse

Robert Gilman, M.ED., M.S
Temple University, PCOM, Therapist

Melissa Simon, MD, MPH
Northwestern University, Center for Health Equity Transformation

Arlene Bowes, D.M.D.
University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine

Veronica Botello, RN
Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital

Cheryl Parker, PhD, RN-BC
The University of Texas at Tyler

Axel Goetz,, Ph.D.

Teri Davis, Ed.D., LCSW
Dr. Teri Psychotherapy

Li Bao, DMD PhD
Private practice

William Smith, MD, MBA, MPH

Steven Enkemann, PhD
Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

Michelle Mitchell, DNP, ACNP

Margo Simon, MD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

William Kallfelz, PhD
Mississippi State University

Kristine Young, MD
Advocate Good Shepherd, retired

Neesha Patel, MD, MPH
MacNeal Hospital

Michelle Spencer, RN, MSN, FNP-C
Advocates for Healthy Community

Edward Doyle, Jr, MD MS
Emeritus Professor WV University School of Medicine

Emily Wilhoit, RN-BSN
Travel Nurses Across America

Ashley Morgan, DVM, MS (veterinary epidemiology)
University of Glasgow, Massey University

Pamela Small, PhD
University of Tennessee

Thomas Karagianes, MD, MBA

Jon Jacobson, M.D.
Jon S. Jacobson, M.D.

Sandra Feliksik, RN, BSN
Home Health, Illinois

Thomas White, MD
Hometown Direct Care

Gerald Donowitz, MD

Deborah G Johnson, MD, MS
Pikes Peak Forensics, PC

Stacey Anderson, PhD

Linda Headrick, MD, MS
University of Missouri

Rosalinda Losoya, RN, BSN
Nursing Professional

Brian Moench, MD
Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment

Cheryl Copp, RN

Cornelia van der Ziel, MD
Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility

Susan Rogers, MD
Physicians for a National Health Program

Robert Blake, MD
University of Missouri

Elizabeth Ziemann, MD
Advocate Aurora Healthcare

Suchart Sivavajchaipong, RPH

Megan Jennison, PHARMD

Theresa Pinder, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, ICP
Intentionally Well, Llc

Leigh Watson, Ph.D.
licensed clinical psychologist; part-time faculty at Wake Forest University

Andrea LaCroix, PhD
University of California, San Diego

Doris Ziefle, RN, MS, NCC
State of NJ Long Term Care Ombudsman

Sulagna Misra, MD
Misra Medical Corp

Michael Mallozzi, PhD Microbiology and Immunology
University of Arizona

Lindi Hayes, MD
Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician

Debra Delaney, DNP MHA RN CEN
Delaney Healthcare Consultants

Heather Pines, PhD, MPH
University of California, San Diego

Mary Moffit, PhD
Oregon Health and Science University

Richard Garfein, PhD, MPH
University of California San Diego

Richard Roemer, PhD, Dr. med. Sci
Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology Temple University School of Medicine

Barbara Shapiro, M.D.
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine; Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia

Kenya Ellis, ASCP CM, MBA

Deborah Coehlo, PhD, CPNP, CPMHS, CFLE
Juniper Ridge Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Brandy Geiger, MA
Premier Healthcare

Kimberly Kahn, BSN, RN
UC Health

Joanne Perron, MD, MPH
retired OB/GYN

Gere B. Fulton, Ph.D., J.D.
Palmetto Professor of Clinical Internal Medicine (ret.)

Caroline Thompson, PhD, MPH
San Diego State University School of Public Health

Gretchen Bandoli, PhD MPH
University of California San Diego

Thomas Burnett, MD, FACEP
Medical College of Georgia

Steffanie Strathdee, PhD
Associate Dean of Global Health Sciences, Harold Simon Professor of Medicine, UC San Diego

Brian Chen, PhD, MPH
UC San Diego

Benjamin Tanner, MSN RN

Edgar Angelone, Ph.D.,FACPN
Marin Neuropsychology Center

Bruce Andrea, MD, FACC
Performance Cardiology

Vafa Tabatabaie, MD
Montefiore Medical Center

Marianne King, RN, BSN

Nancy Binkin, MD, MPH
UCSD School of Medicine

Gary Slutkin, MD
Founder and CEO, Cure Violence Global, formerly Director, Intervention Development, World Health Organization

Valerie Barberio, Registered medical assistant

Rhynda Watson, LPN
Home care

Claudia Alvarez, DO
Doctors for Camp Closure Florida

Robyn Gilden, PhD, RN
University of Maryland School of Nursing

Farah Shariff, PharmD

Catherine Guadalupe, RN

Kathy Jacobson, RN
Broadwell Hill Learning Center

Lisa Boston, PA-C

Lisa Martin, Optician
Optometry private

Marina Capella, MD

Andrew Min, MD

Anthony Vaccaro, MD, MDiv
Northwestern Medicine

Elaine Sullivan, LCPC, LMFT, NCC
Sullivan Mental Health

Caroline Miller, R.N., N.P. student
Chamberlain College of Nursing

Alexandra Soriano, PA-C
Emergency Medicine

Alejandra Argueta, PA-C

Richard Kanner, MD
University of Utah School of Medicine

Dora Tiggle, LPN, CNA
Legacy healthcare

Jeremy Lawrence, MD
Prohealthcare associates LLP

Suzanne Stensaas, PhD
University of Utah

Kim McTamney, RNC BSN
University of Pennsylvania Health System

Pamela Gordon, MD
Bonnet Healing Center

Judy Li, RDN
UC Health

Melissa Ehman, MPH
California Department of Public Health

Aaron Tward, MD PhD

Britta Dass, RN
Minneapolis VAHCS

Rebecca Kushner, D.O
Steven A Kushner DO, PC

Michael Goldberg, MD, PhD
NeuraWell Pharmaceutical

Valerie Creswell, MD FACP FIDSA FSHEA
Central Infectious Disease Specialists, Clinical Associate Professor University of Kansas

Kimberly Brouwer, PhD
UC San Diego School of Medicine

Anne Nastasi, MD

Rurh Heifetz, MD, MPH
UCSD School of Medicine

Alexandra Weiss, BSN RN
Temple University Hospital

M. Lizabeth Alexander, PhD
Terragraphics Environmental Research

Olivia Forys, MD
NorthShore University Health System

Martin Gelman, MD
University of Utah, emeritus

Karen O’Hara, BSN, RN
Mercy Home Health, Retired

Nestor Punay, MD

Sherry Blair, LCSW
Sherry Blair Institute

Praveen Buddiga, MD FAAAAI
FAMILY ALLERGY ASTHMA CLINIC, UCSF- University of California – San Francisco – Fresno

Kathy Carder, RN

Xiaomiao LAN-Pidhainy, PhD, RN
Emory University

Elaine Kasten, PT

Carlene Shultz, PsyD
Dr. Carlene Shultz, P.C.

Robert Matza, Pharm.D.
PA Pharmacists Association

Igor Piligramm, BSN, RN
Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center

Kacia Lee, MD
Hennepin Healthcare

Richard Holsworth, First responder
SFFD, retired

Kara Sergile, MPH, BSN, RN, PHN
Credentialed School Nurse and Public Health Consultant

Ranit Mishori, MD, MHS
Georgetown University School of Medicine

Arthur Lavin, MD
Advanced Pediatrics

Denise Billen-Mejia, MD C-Ht
Akeso & Aglaia

Joshua Moore, RN BSN
Harbor UCLA Medical Center

Steven Porter, M.D., Ph.D.
Retired (Infectious Diseases)

Rick Johnson, MD, FAAP
Retired, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and UCONN School of Medicine

Scott Palma, MA CCC-A

Casey Goodwin, RN
Temple University

Kristopher Wiebe, MD
University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine

Martha Wiedman, MD
Hawaii Radiologic Associates

Yongping Wang, MD, PhD
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania

Min Zhang, PharmD
Boston Medical Center

Kenneth Scope, MD
ICC Healthcare (Intensive Care Consortium)

Andrea Schindler, DO
American Academy of Family Practice

Eric Schindler, PhD
Child and Family Resources

Terry Isaacson, PhD

Steven Gallion, RN

Guy Slater, LPN, Retired
US Army

Jennifer Reynolds, RN

Sarai Valle, Medical Assistant
Family Health Centers of San Diego

Lisa Harris El Mouaquite, MSN RN
Green Meadows Rehab and Nursing

Moira Kelly, RN

Ashley McClure, MD, FACP
Climate Health Now

Deirdre Gilbert, RNBSN
Malta Healthcare

Jen Myers, MSPH

Tarik Benmarhnia, PhD

Laura Trantas, RN
Penn Medicine

Kaitlyn Johnson, PhD
The University of Texas at Austin

Sierra Lewis, PharmD

Arlene Macdonald, PhD
Institute for the Medical Humanities, University of Texas Medical Branch

Stuart Higano, MD
Missouri Baptist Medical Center

Carol Helwig, MPH, CIC

Cosette Rae, MSW, LICSW
Restart Life

Eric Brown, PhD
Retired from NIH

Mona Rosenthal, MPH

Janet Corbett, DO
Millard Henry Clinic

Margaret Kaufman, RN

Binh Ngo, MD
Keck Medical Center of USC

Scott Harris, A.S., B.S.
County of Humboldt

Doris Segal Matsunaga, MPH
Retired community health center administrator

Jennifer Steinbrecher, B.A., BSN, RN, CHPN
Veterans Health Administration

Cristin Richards, AuD
American Academy of Audiology

Mary Brown, NP
National Grid

Jeffrey Bolek, Ph.D.
Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Daphne Romero, BSN-RN
Sigma Theta Tau

Robert Franklin, MD
University of South Florida

Howard S Hochster, MD; Distinguished Professor of Medicine
Rutgers Cancer Institute of NJ

Arthur Siegel, MD
Abington Jefferson Health

Jennifer Schniebolk, LPN

Charlene Brown, MD, MPH
Caregiver Jobs Now

Annette Shepardson, BSN, RN
Cardiology Procedure Nurse

Carol Hempfield, LPN
School Nurse, Retired

Christopher Lee, MD, MsPH
University of South Florida

Conrad Chao, MD
University of New Mexico

Darrell Spurlock, Jr., PhD, RN, ANEF
School of Nursing, Widener University,

Richard Ferrans, MD, ScM
Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Care Mirror

Brittney DeClerck, MD
University of Southern California

Debra Bessen, Ph.D.
New York Medical College

Kira King, Phd

William Pan, DrPH MS MPH
Duke University

Douglas Vakoch, PhD
METI International

Christina Bennett, RN
Family Medicine Residency of Idaho

Ellen M. Chiocca, PhD, RN, CPNP
Cook County Health

Stephanie Campbell, RN
Providence St Joseph Health

Mary Ostrem, DrPH
Boston Public Health Commission, retired

Anna Scott, PhD, MBA
ASU School of Public Affairs

Mahmood Choudhury, MD
Retird physician DOJ BOP

Arthur Ciancutti, MD
Learning Center

Eric Feigl-Ding, ScD
Federation of American Scientists

John Stough, MPH
Massachusetts Dept of Public Health (retired)

Ali Raja, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital

Eunice Lee, RN, MSN- EDU

Caren Measing, NYS LMT
Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences

Jeff Laguna, PhD / Director of Gerontology / Interim Director of Public Health
Chaffey College

Nancy Freeborne-Brinton, PA-C, DrPH
George Mason University

Leonard Schuchman, DO
Infectious Disease

Dawn Gross, MD, PhD, FAAHPM
UCSF, Fellow of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Lisa Spannbauer, Doctor of Nursing Practice, NP
Veterans Affairs

Roberta Hoebeke, PhD, FNP-BC
Professor Emerita, University of Southern Indiana

Peter Barach, PhD
Case Western Reserve School of Medicine

D. DeGennaro, R.T. (R) (CT) (M)

Sang Lee, MD

Miki Harkin, RN
Miki Harkin

wendy Buxton, RN

E Susan Amirian, PhD
Rice University

Christine Cole, RN, MSNed, ND
Nurse Exchange

Debra Howenstine, MD
University of Missouri

Patricia Klinger, RDH

Jan Maltzan, OTR
Occupational Therapist

Vera Radford, RN

Thomas Bodenheimer, MD, MPH
UCSF School of Medicine

Lisa Johnson, RDH

Erin Cook, RDH

Gale Hannigan, PhD, MPH, MLS
Medical Librarian

Dongping Lin, PhD

Neda Mehr, MD
Pure Dermatology

Vincent Penoro, LRT

Iain Buxton, PHMD
University of Nevada Reno, School of Medicine

Trisha Barnes, OTR/L
St. Luke’s Children’s Rehab

Anne Leake, PhD, APRN
H4 Hawaii Homeless Healthcare Hui

Tamara Bevan, RDH

David Sawcer, MD PhD
University of Southern California

Ashley Crew, MD

Shari Turner, MSW ASW
Mental Health Systems Inc.

Lynn Bonham, PhD
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Maria Ochoa, MD

Juan Pablo Arnoletti, MD
Advent Health Cancer Institute

Pauline White-De Freitas, DPT, CSCS
Cutting Edge Physical Therapy & Wellness

Robert Reiff, MD
FACOG, ret

Fatma Kheri, RN

Sherry Zoldi, RN
Cleveland Clinic

Martha Villaescusa, RPT
Private practice

Bryan King, STNA
St. Rita’s Mercy Health

Cedric Garland, Doctor of Public Health, MPH
Univ of Calif San Diego School of Medicine Emeritus Prof

Min Jung, MPH

Sandy Skal-Gerlock, MA; CADC2

Kelly Yeh, MD
COVID survivor

Ross McCluney, PhD
University of Central Florida/FSEC

Michael Berardelli, PhD
United States Air Force Civilian Engineer

Heather Lester, PhD
Sphere Psychological Services

Karen Edison, MD
MU Center for Health Policy

Greg Prouty, PharmD

Michael Bristow, DO
Alomere Health, Family Medicine

Robert Scarr, MD
The Everett Clinic

Naftali Kaminski, MD

Gerald Stearns, RN, MS
Hacienda Home Health

Joshua Denson, MD
Tulane University

Jonathan Gordon, M.D., F.C.C.P.
Western Connecticut Health Network

April Graber, RDH, BS

Esther Kaplan, MA, Ph.D.
Clinical Health Psychologist; Pain Therapist

Christine Schmell, RDH

Jim Russo, PhD
Whitman College

Noreen McGowan, RN, MPH

Cynthia Young, RDH, BSDH

Marina Manusov, RDH
Dental Clinic

Susan Derby, RN. NP.
Retired. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Kymberly Gowdy, PhD
Ohio State University

Amy Hajari Case, MD
Piedmont Healthcare

Tiffany Neal, MPH, MCHES
New Jersey Healthy Communities Network

Lauren Metiva, RN, LMSW

Loretta LaDestro, RN
Home Health

Farah Al-Hawasli, MPH, RDN, LD
University of Washington

Patricia F Clark, RDH

Barbara Gicking, PA-C
Legacy Health System

Lynn Fiellin, MD
Yale School of Medicine

Kirstin Bonning, DPT
VA medical center

Kristi Taylor, APRN, WHNP-BC
Mid Atlantic Women’s Healthcare

Joshua Yukich, PhD, M.P.H.
Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Rick Thomas, Ph.D.
Missouri and Kansas Licensed Psychologist

Terry Savan, RN, FNP

Elizabeth Scully, RDH
Dental Hygienist

Jennifer Coomes, CN, MSCRM, MS, MS, BA, E-RYT
Essence Health & Research (EH&R) LLC

Bruce Walker, MD
Walker Medical Wellness

Elizabeth Walker, BSN RN
Dignity Health

Crystal Jacovino, DO
University of South Florida

Angela Smith, RDH
American Dental Association

Karen Lawler, LMFT
Dignity Health

Elizabeth Milos, State Certified Spanish Medical Interpreter
University of California San Francisco

Mallary Burris, LPN
Baxter Regional Medical Center

Patricia Geyer Carlin, RDH

Brandon Schroeder, MSW
SCC Behavioral Health

Kamlesh Mania, RPh,MBA
TLC Medical Arts Pharmacy

Joshua T. Schiffer, MD
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Steven Zelman, MD
Southern Illinois Consultants for Kidney Disease

David Hill, MD, FCCP
Waterbury Pulmonary Associates

Stephanie Diem, MSMI, RN-BC
Penn Medicine

Michael Fine, MD
Director RI Department of Health 2011-2015

Murtaza Akhter, MD
University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix

Nicole Steffee, Lpn.ABS
Battle Born Medical Corps

Tracie Mowdy, RN

David Baron, MD
Primary Carintg of Malibu

Shawn Kim, DMD
University of Michigan

Anton Mays, PsyD

Emma Watson, LPN
Community Health Network

Khanh Nguyen, MD, MA
Bayhealth Medical Center

Andrea Workman, PhD
University of Pittsburgh/UPMC

Vin Gupta, MD, MPA
IHME/University of Washington

Allen Bar, MD
University of Pennsylvania

Benjamin Bamford, MD, PhD
University of Vermont Health Network/Porter Medical Center

Mary Browning, ND

Cynthia Mahoney, MD
Climate Health Now

Allison Motter, RD, LD
Shepherd Center

Regina Tironi, RHIA,RHIT,CHP
Boulder Community Health

Barbara Gormley, PhD
New Mexico State University

Johnna Cole, CSFA

Daniel Cohn, PhD

Robert Jackson, MD
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Linda Sternberg, RN, MsT

Bernadette Powell, PhD
Fund for People in Parks

Hope Heller, MSW, LICSW
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Cynthia Handrup, DNP, APRN
University of Illinois at Chicago

William Parks, MD

John Maris, MD
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania

David Teachey, MD
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Sarah K Tasian, MD
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Gillie Ramirez, RN
NYC Department of Education

Alix Seif, MD, MPH
University of Pennsylvania

Stephan Grupp, MD PhD
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania

Beth Rivin, MD, MPH
Uplift International & University of Washington

Deb Vanderpoel, RN
Operating Room

Shelly Heimfeld, PhD
Fred Hutchinson

Gail Laughlin, PhD
University of California San Diego

Rochelle Baccari, LMHC
Private Practice

Julie Stern, MD
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania

Terrence Mulligan, DO, MPH
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Justin Bullock, PhD, MPA
Texas A&M University

An Sylvia, RN

Celine Gounder, MD, ScM, FIDSA
New York University and Bellevue Hospital Center

Marcia Reynolds, RN, MSN
ASHRM member

Amy Agbayani, PhD
Hawaii Friends of Civil Righs

Alicia Watanabe, MD Candidate
University of California

Sharada Narayan, MS, MD Candidate
University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine

Rochelle Bagatell, MD
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania

Susan Andrews, MD
Family Practice Partners

Sarah Egan, BSN, RN, OCN

Michael Yoo, MD FACP
Kaiser Permanente Northern California

Jennifer Fromme-DeBlocke, MD

Abhishek Umashankar, MD
Ochsner Clinic Foundation, PGY-1 EM Resident

Maureen Mays, MD, MS, FACC
Portland Preventive Cardiology/Preventive Primary Care

John Brent Mays, PA-C
Clinical Research Services

Cathryn Sherman, RN
Brewer School Department

Jonathan Ting, RDH

Malisa Miller, RN
University of Utah

Kuldeep Yadav, EMT
University of Pennsylvania

Spencer Metcalf, RN

Russell Brynes, MD
University of Southern California

Steven Joffe, MD, MPH
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Shoshana Ungerleider, MD
Crossover Health

Rossana Feliz, CRT,RT
Palmetto General Hospital

Mithya Lewis-Newby, MD, MPH
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine and Bioethics; Seattle Children’s Hospital, University of Washington

Dona Murphey, MD, PhD

Stephen Kolesk, MD
Woods Services

Ronda J Miller-Ernest, DNP
American Nurses

Abimbola Aina, MD
Johns Hopkins

Charles Steinberg, MD
Associate clinical professor, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical center

Terence Doran, MD, PhD

Charles Seager, MD
Williamsburg Family Medicine

Bruce Burdick, M.D.
Sacramento Physicians for Social Responsibility

Cindy Bryant, R.N

Marjorie Barter, EdD, RN
Professor Emerita, University of San Francisco

Rita Valenti, RN
Healthcare – NOW

Lawrence Epstein, MPA CMPE
Pediatric Urology Associates, PC

Elizabeth Stahrr, RN

Kendra Shih, MD
360 Consultations

Rony Lipovetzky, PhD, MS, PMHNP-BC, CLC
Long Island University

Richard Kennedy, MD
University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

Patricia Ascheman, R.N.

Richard Barget, RDCS

James Misak, MD
Case Western Reserve University

Peter DeGolia, MD, CMD
Professor, Family Medicine, Case Western Reserve University

Gloria Tavera, PhD, MD Candidate
Case Western Reserve University

Nancy A. Menendez, PhD

Patricia Kellner, MD
Case Western Reserve Medical School

Chris Gillespie, MD

John Grimes, RN
US Army (Retired)

Sarat Munjuluri, MD, MS
UT Houston

Joseph Kowalski, MD. Phd
Hyacinth Medical Health Ctr

Tammie Sherner, MSN, APRN-CNS
Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Pranav Reddy, MD, MPA
Yale School of Medicine

Kyla Adams, MPH, CHES
California Department of Public Health

Jennifer Schladweiler, MN, OEHN, PMHNP, ARNP

Elsa Snider, MPH, CHES
Washington University in St. Louis

Sarah Lim, MD

Cynthia Mobley, MD, MPH
Baltimore City Health Department

Richard Skolnik, MPA
former Director for Health, Nutrition and Population, South Asia Region, The World Bank

Patrick Murray, MD, MS
Case Western Reserve University

Tracy Greever-Rice, PhD, MS
MU Center for Health Policy

Robin Simon, Ph.D.
Wake Forest University

Shannon Canfield, MPH
University of Missouri

Sanjeev Sriram, MD, MPH
Social Security Works

Prospero Gogo, Jr., MD
University of Vermont

Lauren Jeane, LPN, ACLS
Public Health/Geriatric Practitioner, Social Worker

Edward O’Neil Jr., MD
Tufts University

Kevin Payne, CRT

Swaranjit Bhasin, MD
The Permanente Medical Group (TPMG)

Arman Saeedi, MPH
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Graeme Rankine, Ph.D
Thunderbird School of Global Management

Heather Orman-Lubell, MD
St Chris Care at Yardley Pediatrics

Tracey Kurtzman, MD
El Río Community Health Center

James Saunders, MD, MSc
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Robert Post, RD/LDN
Women and Infants Hospital

Beth Sypher, FNP-C, AOCNP
Lafayette Family Cancer Center

Peter Spotts, L.M.T.

Susan L Johnston, PA-C, PhD
West Chester University

Adele Diamond, PhD
University of British Columbia

Alyssa Brewer, MD, PhD
University of California, Irvine

Tara Barnett, L.Ac

Mikaela Kosich, MPH
University of New Mexico

Patricia Bajaj, APN-C
Penn Medicine Princeton Health

Lisa Tran, DNP, MSN, RN
Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

Elliot Lepler, MD
Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group – Retired

Thomas Kunstman, MD
University of Colorado

Madison Scott, RDH

Nancy L Sajben, MD
Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla

Dan Molter, PhD
University of Tennessee

Grace Walker- Stevenson, MPH Epidemiology
Oregon Health and Science University

Steven Medwell, MD
Surgeon, retired, The Polyclinic

Marcia Miriam, RN, BSN

Remington Fenter, MS, CGC
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Daniel Drain, RRT
Geisinger Medical Center

Lawrence Fox, PhD
Emeritus Professor, Washington State University

Anne Mattson, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVIM
Veterinary Specialty Practice

Susan Lambrecht Smith, Ph.D.
MGH Institute of Health Professions

Denise Kolanczyk, PharmD, BCPS
Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy

Paul Axelsen, MD
University of Pennsylvania

Alex Szatmary, Ph.D.
King’s College

Sonia Madrazo -Rico, MD
American Academy of Pediatrics

Russell Hamer, PhD
Florida Atlantic University

Valerie Griffeth, MD, PhD
Advocate Aurora Health

Martha A. Martin, PhD, Psychologist
Martha A. Martin, PhD, Private Practice

Anita Hooton, BSHA
Pagosa Springs Medical Center

Brant Silvers, BA, MA
The MetroHealth System

William Dodge, MCE
Coronovirus Response Team Member

Lauren Vogel-Hanley, RN, BSN
Massachusetts General Hospital

Jeremy Drake, EMT

Wendy Cronin, PhD
Retired, formerly Maryland Department of Health

Bernadette Jaeger, DDS

Laurel Baumstark, MD
ER Physician

Cecilia Gutierrez, M.A.
Nurse-Family Partnership

Carol Klingsmith, RN
Parish Nurse, Marceline United Methodist Church

Fred Harvey, MD
Harvey Center for Integrative Medicine

Irena Tocino, MD
Yale New Haven Health System

Richard Morrill, MD
MGH/BRIGHAM, North End/Waterfront Health

Lisa Wray, MD
University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine

Saghar Shafizadeh, MD, MPH
University of Minnesota

Michael Walz, MD
Boynton Health, University of Minnesota

Sharon Shriver, MS, Pharmacist, Clinical Trial Associate
Retired from Division of AIDS

Sepi Taghizadeh, DDS
Isles Dental Associates

Rebecca Fine, PA-C
University of Minnesota, Boynton Heath

Elvira Gamboa y Garcia, ASCP, ASMT, BSMT, MSc in Clinical Sciences
Retired Senior Clinical Lab Scientist – Immunohematologist, Stanford University Medical Center, Lifetime Member of American Society of Clinical Pathologist and Medical Technology

Claudia Davis, PhD
California State University San Bernardino

Mick Skolnick, MST, MD
Prescriptions for Wellness and Wholeness

Argerine Brown, LCSW

Ralph Isberg, PhD
Tufts University School of Medicine

Kimberley Hawkinson, RDH

Diane Nickoloff, BSN, RN, CSN, LMSW
Palisades Park, NJ Board of Education

Gordon Dickinson, MD
U of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Robyn Triebold, PA-C
Kaiser Permanente

Anne Gaglioti, MD, MS, FAAFP
Morehouse School of Medicine

Phil Pangrazio, MHSA
CEO, Ability360

Jerome Crowder, PhD
University of Houston, College of Medicine

Julie Reagan, PhD, JD, MPH
Texas State University

Oliver Bell, PhD

Hanna Ian, MS, NMD
Dr. Hanna Ian LLC

Michael Gross, PhD
Washington University in St Louis

Douglas Galasko, MD

Mary Hunter, RN, PhD

Phillip Asaro, MD
Washington University School of Medicine

Melissa Crill-Zimmer, RN Supervisor, LTAC

Kyle Enfield, MD, FSHEA, FCCM
University of Virginia

Christian Gloria, PhD, CHES
Hawaii Pacific University

Kim Haas, CNA

Pegg Chase Milam, Registered Nurse
Oak Park Place

Kelly Collins, PhD RN

Daryl Matthews, MD, PhD
John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii

Amy Evans, MD
Sewanee Pediatrics

Tony Iton, MD, JD, MPH
UC Berkeley

April Lacsina Akeo, PhD, MSN, MBA, BSN, RN
Assistant Professor of Nursing, College of Health and Society, Hawaii Pacific University

Dylan Coombs, RN
Duke University Health System

Marla Massie, EMT
Midwest Medical Transport

Erika Collins, RN
Metropolitan Hospital System (Legacy)  

Mariposa Mccall, MD

Farheen Qurashi, MD, FACS

Anthony Orvedahl, MD, PhD

Cathie Currie, PhD

Pamela Koehler, JD MPH

Daisy Sherry, PhD, ACNP-BC

Joyce Garrison, PhD

Jeffrey Cohn, MD, MHCM

Jared Rubenstein, MD

Ann Batista, MD

Morgan Eutermoser, MD

Marc Futernick, MD

Megan Whitman, MD

Iris Riggs, PhD

Catherine Cowley-Cooper, RN

Michael Core, MD

Jason Ayres, MD

Craig Norquist, MD

Vasilis Pozios, MD

Michael Becker, DO, MS

Alan Peterson, MD

Kay Vandenberg, MD, FACOG

Melissa Freeman, MD

Robin Aronow, MA

Syra Madad, DHSc, MSc, MCP

Reid Masters, MD

Keelin Garvey, MD

Laurence Carroll, MD

Lynne Agar, APRN, MPH

Margarita Fallena, MD

Shelley Ross, Ph.D.

Steven Pergam, MD, MPH

Cynthia Baum-Baicker, Ph.D.

Ilene Tannenbaum, NP

Virginia Soules, MD.

Jean Goodloe, DO

Lindsay Martin, PhD

Teresa Brandt, MD

Annamaria Murray, RN

Judith F. Rand, PhD

Victor Ilegbodu, MD, PhD, MPH


Stanley Weiss, MD, FACP, FACE, FRCP Edin.

Briggs Clinco, In-Home Care Client Coordinator

Dipesh Patel, MPH

Timothy Sankary, MD MPH

Michael Hertz, MD, MPH

Patrick Keschl, LPN, NHA

Constance Walker, MD, MA, MPH

Shauna Laughna, PhD

Jeremy Ogusky, MPH

Amparo Adkins, MSN,RN

Kate Shinberg, RN

Sally Rosenfeld, MD

Andrew Frank, MD

Lynn Santillo, RN

Regina Goetz, PharmD, PhD

Martha Christie, MA, Pharm.D

Lise Spiegel, PhD

David Hanson, MD

Oleh Hnatiuk, MD, FACP, FCCP

Maryanne Llave, RN

Jason Deutsch, MD

Monica Modi, MD

Eric Mueller, MD

Xuan Le, M.D

Tanya Wiseman, BSN,RN

Raul Easton-Carr, M.D.,M.P.H.

Brandon Crossley, CNA

Michelle Crossley, RN

Jacob Malone, RN

Kanika Blunt, RN

Luiza Davila, Healthcare specialist

G. J. Ledoux, PhD

Jane Corrarino, DNP, RN, C

Theresa DeLuca, RN

Allison Williams-Wroblewski, Pharm.D.

William David Wick, PhD

Joanna Harran, AGACNP-BC, MSN, APRN, RN

Michael Manning, BS, LMT (3rd year med student)

Karen Smith, DNP, FNP-BC

Monty Bradford, RN

Dominique Motta, RN, BSN, CPN

Russell Etheridge, BSN, RN, CNML

Ariana Ornelas, RN

Sherry Wells, AEMT

Marcella Smithson, M.S., MPH, LMFT

Camea Gagliardi, PhD

Carrie Lybecker, MPA, RN

Margaret Clark, LCSW

Kristina Stefan, DMD, MS

Parsa Owtad, DMD

Macklin Guzman, DHSc, MPH

Josh Rubin, MD

Jessica Lautz, Pharm D

Azhar Bisle, MSM-HCA

Dorothy Lowe, MD

Cynthia Campbell, MD

Denise Mohr, LMFT

Kimberly Hurst, CRNA, MHS

Tammy Barthel, RN

Irina Podolsky, PsyD

Abigail Cohen, PhD, MA

Cesljarev Vesna, LPN

Jean Lawrence, ScD, MPH, MSSA, FACE

Ali Khan, MD, MPP, FACP

Donna Bertinelli, Licensed Practical Nurse

Lorraine Rowe-Conkan, RPh

Anna Turabelidze, DDS

Norbert Goldfield, MD

Danial Hocson, MD

Gina Gatten, CPhT

Jon Clemens, BSN, RN

Louis DeCola Jr., Ph.D.

Sarah Wade, RN, BSN

Lucy Wang, MS4

Denise Adams, MSN, MBA, RN, CNS, PHN

Chia-Ye Chu, DO

Evan Wilson, PharmD

Contessa Petrini, PhD

Hubert Rodriguez, MD

Amy Voelker, MD

Phillip Hunt, M.D., FACEP

Roger Vail, BSN, PHN,CCRN

Donna Banks, BSN, RN (ret)

Ramona Anderson, RN BA ACM-RN

Beth Blacksin, PhD RN

Bruce Hlodnicki, MD

Wenda Hunt, PharmD

Kevin Lombardo, EMT

Jonathan Weiner, Ph.D., M.D.

Phillip Barnes, DO

Deanna Wathington, MD, MPH

Arlen Leight, DDS, MSW, PhD

John McNulty, MD

Meade Palmer, MD

Patricia McNulty, RN

Thomas Beckner, MD

Dianne Lindewall, PhD

Jason Sonnenschein, PA-C

Nancy Llewellyn, MD

Nicole Joslin, BSN, RN

Milan Satcher, MD MPH

William Dean, JD, MSW

Amy Caulkins, RN

Michelle Maman, LCSW

Gloria Antall, RN, ND

Sunder Strouse, EMT-B, ED TECH

Kathleen Long, Masters in Health Administration, MBA

Iris Baker, RN CCM

Anthony J Mazzeo, MD

Karen Monroe, MD

Danna Richkun, RN

Andrea Larson, LPN

Stephen Taylor, MD, MPH

Jenna McCauley, PhD

Robert Cohen, MD

Susan E. (Brown, Gottsman)Teague, BSN, RN

Lotita Hickman, Rna

Jake Kushner, MD

Marta Jacobsen, RN, WCC

Kimberly Gambill, RN

Alexandra Vrazo, PhD MPH

Leigh Meltzer, MD

John Metcalf, RN, LMSW

Rev Kathleen Raphael, DD LPN

Terry Winter, RN, MPH

Steven Miller, RN, Teacher

Annie Wenz, RN

Marsha Ng, PharmD, MS

Theodore Dushane, MD PhD

Tamar Earnest, MD, FACS, MJS

Devon Martin, RN

Nanda Devi Rich, MSW, LSW, ACSW, CDP

Julie Hackler, RN

Jeanette Schneider, PhD MD

Katherine Grogan, PharmD

Vicky Curry, PhD

Dawn Bielawski, PhD

Sophia Przybylo, RN, BSN

Thomas Holubeck, MD

Jill Legg, MD

Margaret Donowitz, MSN, RN

H. Griffin Cupstid, MD

David Share, MD., FACP

Shara Blake, MA, RT, MR

Janet Fleetwood, PhD, MPH

Jana Adams, RN BSN

Nana Twum-Danso, MD, MPH

Nancy Cullinane, RN

Claire Lindberg, PhD, Family Nurse Practitioner

Karen Wubbena, RN

Marc Castellani, PhD

Catherine Troisi, Ph.D.

Jonathan Heilman, PMHNP

Jenny Gitchel, RN, CMSRN

Tiffany Prater, RN

Devyn Shafer, MPH

Robin Corcoran, RN

Urvashi` Rangan, PhD

Margie Sable, DrPH, MSW

Gisele Rojo, Pharmacist

Beth Barba, PhD, RN

Joseph Prefontaine, RN, LEEP AP

Katelyn Stuart, BSN, RN, CPN

Richard Rovin, MD

Indalicia Bargas, LVN

Patricia Hassing, RN

Fred Sturpets, MD

Barbara Roseborough, MSN

Sarah Rosen, MD

Andrew Johanek, DO

Lisa Calistri, RN

Jeanie Hamamura, RN, MSN

Dana Fairbanks, MD

Chandra Whittley, M.D.

Katie Sondergaard, RN

Marianna Feigina, EMT

Margaret Dansie, RN retired

Donna Seely, RN, MSN, CFNP

Michael Daignault, MD

Chalaya Bondurant, RN

Dana J Hodak, RN, CERN

Sharon Mutzberg, RN

Bonnie Gaulke, RN

Asra Sheriff, PharmD

Jessica Lopeman, MPH, BSN, RN-BC

Julia Brochstein, M.A., LMFT

Renee Mazzocco, BSN, RN

Gordon Wallace, MPC, MHS, LCPC, LAC

Marc Solomon, MD MPH

Felicia Alingu, MPH

Cai Guangqiang, PhD

Liberty Martinez, CNA

Mersedeh Tariverdi, PhD

Kaytlin Brown, LMT

Shannon Robertson, RDN, MHA

Casey May, RN

John Newland, DMD

Jo Buechler, RN

David Comstock, MD

Cheryl Chastine, MD

Shahriar Khezri, MD

Stephany Pawling, BSN, RN-ONC, OCN, BC

Drew Lewis, MD, MTM&H, FACP

Michele Blum, Ph.D.

Richard Watkins, Ph.D.

Christine Beavers, PT, DPT

Leigh Ann Pincus, ARNP

Kathy Leonhardt, Lpn

Vasanta Weiss, MD

Jill Niemeyer-Clarks, BSN, RN

Christa Cuison, MSW, MPH

Roger Shen, D.O.

Ashley Lovett, LPN

Lyndia Clark, BSN, RN

Deborah Robbins, CRNP, MSN

Myra Rodriguez, RN

Sean McKeown, PTA

Lindsay Anderson, RN, BSN, MS

Jonas Jesko, MD

Terry Ann Makar, RN

Stephanie Marks, DNP, PMHNP-BC, FNP-C, RN

Kylette Banks, CNA

Sandra Ferrarese, MS, OTR/L

Jackilyn Lopez, RDH

Tracy Berg, Nurses aid

Ariana Venziano, RN

Sydney Vasaturo, Nurse assistant

Sarah Waters, RDH

Thomas Lampinen, PhD, NA-C

Jennifer Herrmann, RN

Laura Throckmorton, RN

Kaitlin Baker Kerr, MSN, RN, CNL

Ouzama Henry, MD

Norma Allred, MSN, PhD

Marcie Sexton, RN

Roxane Javid, MD

Kimberly Crawford, MA, LPC, SCL

Nyeusi Holmes, STNA/HHA

Moxie Loeffler, DO, MPH

Stacey Klein, LCSW

Eileen White, MPH, BSN, RN

Christine McCall, MD

Ashley Raymond, RN

Kathy Drehobl. OTR, OTRL

Monica Lyons, RN

Frank Mazzeo, MD

Alyse Gonzales, PA-C

Christina Barletta, RN

Nicole Bobey, LSCSW

Jean Schoening, R.Ph.

Sana Syed, MD

Reverend Jonny Diane Thompson, RN

James Kolter, MD

Jane Lessard, RT RDMS RDCS RVT

Julia Campbell, RN, MBA, CHC

Gabrielle Dixon, CNA

Cassandra Swenson, BSN-RN

Virgil Ross Calhoon, RN

Vanessa Marchal, RT(R)(CT)(MR)

Heather Goodman-D’Anna, MA, PLPC

Ceciloa Pruott, BSN, RN

Aimee Nefcy, MD

Shaila Serpas, MD, MPH

Alison Smith, MPH, BSN, RN

Judith Finneren, M.A. LPC

Chloe Steinshouer, MD

Terrance Mays, CNA

Navdeep Mander, RN

Leslie Navarro, RN

Doina Popescu, RN

Michael Leighton, PharmD

Stephanie Cantore, RDH

Patricia Leighton, Rph

Christy Johnson, RN

Maria Whitt, RN

Virginia Nardella, RN

Mary Hove, MS Psychology

Fawn Suibielski, RN

Alma Carter, RN

Lorene Gonzales, CLS II

Pamela LaPorte, ERT, CPT

Alan Engelberg, MD, MPH

Allan Post, L.AC MSAOM

Joy Akins, MD

Kristen Somogyi, Au.D.

Kelly Trauth, B.S.N., R.N.

Bimpe Obadare, PharmD

Colleen Hanna, RN-BSN

Thomas Grugle, MD

Amanda Jean-Pierre, Au.D.

Penelope Rayas, LMFT

Mary Vanderpool, RN

Teri Mills, MS, RN

Keri Zwerner, MA, LCPC

Ciaran DellaFera, MD

Greg Gobrecht, MD FAAFP

Sherrell Holtshouser, RN MPH

Kim Wallant, LMHC, RPT, ATR

Carina Guzman, BSHCA

Virginia Sustarsic, MSW, LISW-S

Beth Erickson, RN, BA

Marie Villaruel, PT

Nora Walters, RN, BA, BSN

Joy Smith, LPN

Crystalyn Jones, LPC

Debbie Pelkey, RN

Larry Lundberg, RN

Sandra Wicks, BSN,RN

Elizabeth Feldman, MD, FAAFP

Sue Kloor, MSW

Patricia Gingrich, RN, MSN, WHNP

Delia Trujillo-Ramirez, RN

Deborah Mattei, Patient Care Associate

Mirza Alzugaray, X Ray técnico retired

Rebecca Howard, AuD

Georgene Parton, RMA ret.

Janis Hogan, RN, NCSN

Nan McKinley, Nurse Practitioner

Rachel Secor, BSN, RN

Paul Fransen, PT

Nancy Whitson, RN, CNM, ARNP

Sandra Larson, RN

Bendita Qian, CNA

Barbara Clemens, RN

Amanda Butterfield, MSN, FNP-C

Allison Gunderson, RN

Karen Valerio, RN

Theresa Peet, MD

Janet Petkau, RN

Birgit Reeves, PhD

Beth McHugh, RN, BSN

Fredric Adler, MD

Charish Barry, MD, FAAP

Linlee Jones, RN, BSN

Terry Datz, MT ASCP

Majorie Brown, Clinical Research coordinator MSHS

Renuka Sinnathamby, PT, DPT

Kristina Beglarian, FNP-C

Thai Hoa Huynh, MD

Claudia Carcamo, PA-C

Karin Harp, MD, FAAD, FASDS

Sam Ehrlichman, PhD

Melissa House, DNP, CNM, WHNP-BC

Lisa Matthews, Rn

Ovvie Bray, LPN

Kayte Bush, CRDH

Jay Davis, MS EnvE

Heather Wilde, CPhT

Keith So, MD, MPH, CTropMed

Pamela Bonkoski, LFD

Caia LaCour, DNAP

Linda Burke, Phlebotomist

Tami Reifenberg, RN

Courtney Pickar, MS, RNC-OB, ACNS-BC, C-EFM

Amy Pestreich, M.A. CCC-SLP

Heather Tenney, RB, BSN

Diane Saunders, RT(Ret), MN-CEM

Karen Ross, Physical therapist

Laura Kruse, PT, MEd

Jacquelyn DelGrosso, SPHR

Robert Eidus, MD

Warren Streisand, MD

Mary Crotty, RN MBA JD

Meghan Marrone, RN

Bill Campbell, PhD

Jan Derrah, RN, CCM

Sarah Allen, DVM, DACVECC

Natasha Fair, PA-C

Ronald Kaufman, MD, MBA

Christina Carter, MA, MLS

Donna McQueen, RN

Yashar Salek, MD

Julie Shamas, MD

Carlos Weiss, MD, MHS

Stephen Luk, DPM

Jill Souders, LCSW

Alyssa Kim, MD

Sarmila Shrestha, DDS

Joan Hintz, BSN, RN

Kristin Snyder, BSN, CCRN

Agnes Kwong, PhD

Như Phúc Nguyễn, MD

Bethany Butler Prater, AuD

Samantha Cooper, RN

Lauran Mizock, MD

Denise Yun, MD

Tara Baietto, RN

Tricia Marshall, NP-C

Michelle Simeno, RDH

Teneshia Underwood, CPht

Christina Olsson, RDH

Victor Alvarez, PCT

Ashlee Stanton, RDH

Peter Wyman, MD

David Cranston, MD

Jessica Johnson, RDH

Patricia Bernardino, PT

Lorreen Serls, RDH

Heather Burns, RDH

Alan Kohrt, MD

Holly Blackford, RDH

Richard Baldo, PhD

Carrie Gross, RDH

Jennifer Churchill, RDH

Catherine Rowan-Collier, FNP-C

Kathleen Green, RN-BS

Rachael Stalker, MSN, FNP-BC, RN

Thomas Kowalski, RRT

Hardeep Bhatti, RDH

Jeanne Klein, RN

Crystal Malave, CCMA, CPT

Jenny McDowell, RDH

Jessica Evangelidis, RDH

Jill S, LPN

Shirley Tironi, RDH

Jacqueline Burgess, RPSGT, RST

Victoria O’Reilly, AuD, Doctor of Audiology

Emily Fridenmaker, MD

Tiffany Greco, Rdh

Nada Elbuluk, MD, MSc

Megan Vossler, RDH

Joanne Sigal, RDH

Caroline Bryant, RN

Martha Fackler, RDH

Rebekah Pearson, BSW

Marianne Joyce, RDH

Rachelle Staley, RDH

Stuart Shalat, Sc.D. (Epidemiologist)

Alessio Signorini, PhD

Bridgett Wendel, PharmD

Kelly Lesser, RN, MSN, CCRN, CNL

Susan Riblett, RDH

April Armstrong, MD

Rhea Crawford, RDH

Liana Neyfeldt, RDH

Jennifer Chiang, MD

Rebecca DeWitt, CNA

Erica Gooch, PharmD

Victoria Grillo, RN

Lisa Cohen, RDH, BS

Laurie Zimmer, RN BSN

Donna Crady, MSN, RN

Luis Vasquez, LVN

Angela Kirkpatrick, RDH

Peter Wilcox, MD

Lynne Severance, APRN

Jill Epstein, DPM

Victoria Reihl, RDH

Cheryl Walch, NP-C

Ashley Hall, RDH

Michelle Lopez, RN

Marta Peimer, MSN

Elisa Dauphinee, BSN

Michelle Highland, RDH

Claudia McClintic, LVN

Elizabeth Grillo, BSDH, RDH

Sydney Morrisson, PhD

Christin TaylorDomingo, RN

Cleo Hugnes, RDH

Lisa Gertz, RDH

Allison Davis, PharmD

Barbara Egan, LCSW

Lisa Nisevich, RN, BSN, MA

Kelly Reed, MS, PA-C

Christin Kelly, RT(R)(CT)(ARRT)

Abby Wisler, RDH

Tara Dewitt, PhD

Jacquelyn Alderson, MSN, RN

Amanda Taylor, FNP-BC

Christina Hamrick, STNA

Sarah Schmitt, RDH, BS

Vanessa Jones, RN

Lori Cavera, RDH

Michael H. Sellers, Air Force Med.Ser.Spec.(Medic) Veteran

Gerrick Lordsburg, PhD, MD, PsyD, MDiv

Adam Plotkin, MD

Dana Caldwell, RDH

Tracy Taylor, RN, BSN

Denise Sulliavn, RN BSN CSNT

Patra Duangjak, MD.

Leslie Hudson, DVM

Allison Gold, LCSWR

Emily Crosby, RDH

Lisa Lim, MS, CPT-1

G. Andrew McIntosh, MD

Jana Richardson, RDH

Heather Rodgers, RDH

Karen Howden, RN

Jennifer Dutt, RDH

Robert Browne, D.M.D.

Anne Coleman, RDH

Betty Miller, RDH

Oded Greenberg, MD

Gayle Marshall, RDH

Cheryl Knott, PhD

Antonio D, R.N

Danielle H, LCSW

Todd Schultz, MSN, RN

Loren Council, Psy.D.

Robert Schiff, MD

Lashantee Barclay, Rn

Jw Mills, Md

Ashley Hadean, RN

Leslie Salgado, Administrative Medical Assistant

Raymond Tan, MD

Erica DeBaggis, MPH

Kathy Schill, RDH. BS

Anna Jo Smith, MD

Fabiola Ramos-Mercado, DMD, MPH

Elizabeth Harrison, RN

Tuyen Nguyen, PharmD

Gwen Davey, PhD

Nanette Chiafala, RN

Sara Noble, BSN, RN

Shilpa Patel, LPN

Isa Ryan, MD

Laura Michielsen, RN

Jandra Weninger, BSN, RN

Madison McBarnes, RN

Julie Burns, CNA

John Teahan, Medical Assistant

Barbara Tornblom, MSN, RN

Michelle McCarty, RN, BSN

Susan Ruskin, MSW

Abubaka Jamjuka, MD

Simone Klein, MD

Nicole Bedell, RDH

Penney Leslie, LPN Charge Nurse

Jessica McGauley-Jacobson, RN, BSN, PHN

Erin Vollberg, RN, CPN

Catherine Mauceri, RN

Nicholas Lim, MD

Bridget Early, M.D.

Marc Bowers, DNP, APRN

Alessandra Chen, MD

Natalia Vecerek, MD

Elisa Cornish, BSN

Martha Slack, RN, BSN

Robert Brobst, EMT

Kayla Lau, RDH

Sophia Marjanovic, PhD, Immunology and Microbiology

Erika Kaine-Bottalico, RDH

Valerie Brancato, BS, RN, EMT-P

Janet Dunleavy, RN

Malika Drexel, BS, PTA

Terri Adoff, RN

Kelly MacLaurin, PA-C, MPH, MMS, CIC

Raul Gonzalez, C.R.T.T.

Elizabeth Allemann, MD

Ashley Rosen, RN, MSN

Paige Hulsey, MPH, MSW student, Temple University

Marie Erb, LICSW, LCSW-C

Mary Eckerle, MD

Amy Taylor, MPA, RN

Patricia Banach, RDH

Alison Jackson, RN

Mira Dermendjieva, Pharm.D.

Daniel Pomerantz, MD MPH

Casey Collier, MD

Rachel Zemans, MD

Barbara Ekeh, RN

Bohdan Czartorysky, MD

Deborah Sullivan, LPN

Brenda Solis, RDH

Jeffrey Owens, RN

Kate Jeric, RN, medical ICU, now COVID ICU

Adam Berger, Retired Firefighter/Paramedic

Erin Schauer, MOT/OTR

Edward Massey, MSN, APN, BC

Felisha Crooks-Sweet, LPN

Kimberly Bernier, RN, BSN, WCC

Benjamin Parker-Goos, MD

Erik Larsen, MD, FACEP

Oscar Alonzo, DDS, MD

Michelle Thibault, RDH

Julie Savoy, R.N., J.D.

Erika Dollard, PA-C

Dylan Gallacher, PA

Samuel LeClerc, MD

Danielle Gomez, PA-C

Tyler Taylor, MD

Natalie Schulte, MPH

amanda Sturgeon, Aprn

Laurel Johnson, DPT

Amy Stevens, DNP, CPNP

Daniel Brustein, MD, MSIH, FACOEM

Regina Burks, RN, MHA

Nicole White, MD

Kimberly Bott, MSN, RN

Rebecca Schlagel, MSN RN

Michael Carlston, MD

Maya Wedemeyer, MPH

Shirley Keckley, RN, MSN

Marcia Loughran, RN, FNP

Amanda Sanders, MD

Sharica William, Housekeeping

Daniella Simon, LMSW, MPH

Mike Graf, PA-C

Bonnie Smith, PT, DPT

Brandon Cohen, DO

Irana Hawkins, PhD, MPH, RDN

Antonette Antonio, NP

Jeffrey Jennings, MD, PhD

Rose Juan, MSN

Deborah Salerno, PhD

Janet Peterson, PhD

Benjamin Lambson, MPH, CPH, CHES

Jean Cunningham, OD

Kristin Keating, MSW

Joseph Contardo, MSW, LCSW

Laura O’Hern, PA-C

Elise S, NP

Joshua Tanenbaum, MSS, LICSW

Jennifer DeSisto, OTR/L

Johanna Luna, RN

Raymond Cho, PharmD

D. Brennan, MD

Miriam Delosantos, PA-C, L.Ac.

Heather Schlessman, PNP, PhD

Liz Reifschneider, RN

Mason West, CRNA

Donna Damico, APRN

Todd Herres, RN

Carrie Ànguiano, CNA, LMT

Chad Russell, CRT, RRT, RCP

Terry Spalding, RN

Allison Mullarney, DO

Brian Haas, PhD, CMPP

Whitney Ethridge, MPH, CPH

Kevin Singh, MD

Bari Brandt, MD

Erika Wass, PharmD, BCOP

Florence Lock, RN

Amandeep Sandher, MD

Amy Pabst, MD

Ginger Salgado, BSN, RN

Jane Sevilla, RN,MSN

Michael Faltisco, MS,MA,LMHC

Megan Knight, PA-C

Robert Hase, MSc, RRT-NPS, CPFT

Athena Samaras, MPH, MSN, RN, PPCNP-BC

Vicky Borgia, MD

Gina Salamone, MPH

George Prudent, RPh

Charles John Garven, MD

Truls Jensen, PhD MPH

Kathy Gasser, RN

Ken Del Castillo, RT

Joe L. Ruiz, MD

Deepa Nair, PharmD

Anne Maguire, RN

Michael Coomes, MD

Maryam Ashtiani, RDN, LD

Christopher Tyler, DSc, PhD

Andreea Socoloschi, LCSW

Ronald Lechner, DDS

April Stewart, DO

Bruce Madison, MD MPH

Therese Hastings, RN

Nina Diamond, MSS

John McCormick, MD

Theresa Anselmo, MPH, BSDH, RDH

Jennifer Herman, FNP

Lee Caplan, MD, MPH, PhD

Connie Wingler, CMAA

Beth Barth, RN

Andrea Hovind, CMA, ST

Deborah Reiff, MD

Shaida Kalbasi, PhD

Rebecca Sell, RN, BSN (retired)

Sherrie Montgomery, RDH

Beverly Toburen, R.N.

Mark Miller, MD

Jane Black, MD

Percilla Lepore, CMA

Pam Stepp, CNA

Brian Bonnyman, MD

Jessica Garlock, MSW, LSW

Becky Yoza, DNP, APRN-Rx, FNP-BC, ENP-C

Daniel Obley, PCT

Sapphire Blue, RN

Diana Mickle, Medical Office Manager & Office Nurse

Mary Andrews-Dalbey, RN, MS, PhD