Product Safety

Researching products and alerting consumers to hidden dangers, and new threats.

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When thousands of new products hit the market everyday, consumers need someone to make sure these products are safe.

Thousands of new products are introduced to the marketplace every year and it can be difficult, even for the most diligent consumer, to identify the hidden hazards and risks found in many of today’s products. Consumers need more independent testing, education and targeted advocacy to preserve the protections we already have.

That’s where we come in. Our Consumer Watchdog team has worked for decades to make sure the products you bring into your home won’t put your health, safety or well being at risk. We’ve already uncovered and exposed dangers of more than 150 products and we’re not stopping there. We need to advocate for stronger protections and tougher enforcements. 

We’re working in state houses, city halls, boardrooms, and Congress to push for greater consumer protections, and to vigorously defend the ones we already have.

What You Can Do

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Senior Director, Federal Consumer Program, PIRG