New report shows gas delivery rates could double in next decade

A report from the Building Decarbonization Coalition underscores the importance of moderating gas utility spending and lowering the costs of the gas system.

The Building Decarbonization Coalition released a report that includes important new analysis of how severely gas customer rates will be impacted unless regulators and policymakers take action. 

The report models multiple scenarios. An important one to consider is what will happen if the capital spending of major Illinois gas utilities continue to increase in line with historical levels, along with a moderate numbers of customers departing the gas system as they electrify their homes (50% reduction by 2050). In that scenario, gas delivery rates will double within a decade.

Even if gas utility spending declines, higher levels of customer departures could cause a doubling of rates in a similar timeframe. 

This underscores the need to not only reduce gas utility spending going forward, but also to explore other tools to lower the overall costs of operating the gas system. This will ensure bills do not become catastrophically high for those customers that remain on the system.


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