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Health professionals from across the country are sounding the alarm on antibiotic resistance and pushing for solutions, including reducing antibiotic use to produce meat.

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Health professionals are on the front lines of the antibiotic resistance crisis, seeing patients with infections that were once easily treatable turn into dangerous and sometimes deadly illnesses. That’s why more than 50,000 of them have joined our campaign to raise the alarm about this public health threat.

The Health Professional Action Network is a group of physicians and health experts who are trained and ready to be our voice in the media, in state capitols, and wherever we need to counter misleading claims or advocate for new solutions. By utilizing their expertise, we are encouraging influential stakeholders to adopt better antibiotic stewardship practices to protect public health and preserve these life-saving medicines. Already, the Health Professional Action Network has made a difference in advocating for strong state legislation and actions from major food producers.


We’ve interviewed health professionals from across the country to discuss antibiotic resistance and the need to reduce antibiotic use in human and veterinary medicine.

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Infectious disease specialist and HPAN member, Dr. Sujit Suchindran, gives our citizen outreach team in Massachusetts a briefing on the urgency of antibiotic resistance and its link to factory farms.Photo by staff | TPIN

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If you’re a medial professional, please join our network. We can’t afford to the lose the foundations of modern medicine. Use your unique expertise to help make a meaningful impact in the promotion of responsible antibiotic use in livestock and other solutions to address antibiotic resistance. Sign up to join the network.