Fiat Chrysler Should Pay Penalties for Excess Pollution

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Abe Scarr

State Director, Illinois PIRG; Energy and Utilities Program Director, PIRG

Automaker Should Offer Buybacks if it Cheated Customers

Illinois PIRG

Statement by Abraham Scarr of Illinois PIRG on the EPA’s allegations against Fiat Chrysler for using software in some EcoDiesel vehicles that allow them to exceed pollution limits

We commend the EPA for its investigation to determine whether software in 104,000 “EcoDiesel” vehicles is a defeat device intended to cheat emissions tests.

If this software turns out to be a defeat device, Fiat Chrysler must make it up to customers for their falsely marketed “EcoDiesel” engines. Making consumers whole would mean buying back their vehicles at full purchase price. There would also need to be criminal investigations and Fiat Chrysler should be fined with maximum penalties for the excess pollution their vehicles have emitted.

Accountability in the VW scandal is being ensured because various parties got involved. Government regulators, consumer and environmental advocacy groups, the state attorneys general, a class-action lawsuit, criminal investigations, and public outcry all worked together to hold the company and executives accountable. We will need the same effort with Chrysler if their software turns out to be a defeat device.