Exelon Answers its Own Question: More Ratepayer Money for Exelon

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Statement of Illinois PIRG Director Abe Scarr

Illinois PIRG

“For more than a year, Exelon has campaigned to convince decision makers and the public that the critical energy policy question facing Illinois is what to do to prop up Exelon’s allegedly struggling nuclear power plants. Today, to the surprise of no one, Exelon answered their own question with legislation that asks Illinois ratepayers to pony up to pad Exelon’s profits.

“Of course, Exelon’s question is designed to produce the answer that is best for Exelon, not the answer that is best for Illinois. Illinois lawmakers should not only reject Exelon’s answer, but their question as well.

“Rather, the critical energy question facing Illinois is: what is the best long term, comprehensive energy strategy that ensures affordable, reliable, clean and safe energy for decades to come, built on good jobs for a growing economy.

“Fortunately, we have an answer to that question, the bipartisan Illinois Clean Jobs Bill, Introduced by Senator Don Harmon and Representative Elaine Nekritz. The bipartisan Illinois Clean Jobs bill, which has broad support from a diverse coalition of environmental, faith, public health and consumer organizations, as well as businesses, labor, and local elected officials, should be the focus of the Illinois legislature.”