New Survey: Small Businesses Crushed By Rising Health Costs

Georgia PIRG Education Fund

Atlanta, August 6 – U.S. small business owners are being crushed by rising health care costs, and feel left out of the current health care debate in Washington, according to a new report released by Georgia Public Interest Research Group on Thursday.           

“In this economy,” said Georgia PIRG’s Health Care Advocate, Sandra Glaze, “health care costs are killing small business owners. But instead of leading on this important issue, the national Chamber of Commerce and other inside-the-beltway groups are playing politics with a crucial issue and actively impeding reform efforts.”

The new report, The Small Business Dilemma, which surveyed hundreds of small business owners and managers across the country, makes clear that small business owners want and need health care reform.


309 small business owners and managers around the country to took part in the snapshot survey by U.S. PIRG, the Federation of State Public Interest Research Groups. The result, The Small Business Dilemma, finds that the costs and administrative hassles associated with offering insurance weigh particularly heavily on small businesses.

According to the 14-page report:

·         Small businesses value health insurance as a key to business success because it allows them to attract better employees.

·         78% of small business owners surveyed who do not offer coverage would like to do so.

·         80% of those who would like to offer coverage cite the expense of coverage as a reason why they don’t.