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Together, let's accelerate the transition to an electric vehicle future.

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Electric vehicles are ready to roll, and the transition to an EV future is underway. Global electric car sales doubled from 2020 to 2021. And state commitments to all-electric new car sales, along with school districts across the country investing in clean electric buses are accelerating the change.

The big question is: Will we transition fast enough? Each year, tailpipe pollution cuts short an estimated 58,000 lives and increases the risk of severe health issues such as cancer and respiratory illnesses. And transportation is now America’s number one source of carbon emissions.

To accelerate the transition to an electric vehicle future and ensure cleaner air for our communities and healthier futures for our kids and grandkids, we’re calling on decision-makers to buy more electric buses for our schools, put more EVs in government, corporate and delivery fleets, and pass policies that make it easier for American drivers to go electric.

Tell the Governor: make all state-owned vehicles electric

Electric vehicles

Tell the Governor: make all state-owned vehicles electric

State government fleets operate thousands of vehicles, and agencies can use their purchasing power to invest in more electric vehicles. Ask your Governor to lead by example by directing state agencies to purchase electric vehicles.


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