Build Back Better’ plan would transform America’s aging infrastructure

The United States is in need of an infrastructure overhaul.

Henry Hintermeister

From replacing lead service lines to electrifying our transportation, the United States is in need of an infrastructure overhaul.

President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” package, released on March 31, offers a transformative approach to revitalizing America’s infrastructure. The plan takes a fix-it-first approach toward repairing the nation’s highways and bridges and includes key provisions for expanding electric transportation, getting the lead out of drinking water, and strengthening the electric grid.

Those measures were listed as priorities in a plan, “Blueprint for America,” put forward by our research partners at U.S. PIRG Education in November 2020.

“President Biden set forth a vision for a healthier and cleaner transportation future that will work better for all Americans,” said U.S. PIRG Transportation Advocate John Stout.

“[This plan] recognizes the need to zero out carbon emissions and implement commonsense solutions that will end our reliance on fossil fuel infrastructure,” added U.S. PIRG’s director of environment campaigns, Matt Casale.

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Photo: President Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ infrastructure package includes critical electric vehicle investment. Credit: Matej Kastelic via Shutterstock


Henry Hintermeister