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Beyond plastic

Tell your U.S. senators: Support the Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act

Small bits of plastic called "nurdles" are the building block of practically every plastic product, and they're being dumped in our waterways by the trillions, often without any penalties for the polluter.


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We have a vision to transform our transportation system Danny Katz, Executive Director, CoPIRG
I greatly appreciate PIRG for fighting for a safer, healthier world. Helen M, Member
I see daily reminders of how much damage we have done and know that fixing that damage starts with me. Matt C.V., Member
I think your organization has done a great job selecting issues where the public interest needs an advocate. Clare Feinson, Member
I like that PIRG digs down and finds ways the system has been rigged against our long-term welfare and tries to translate that into legislative and legal action at the state, local and national levels. Nick Bridge, Member