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A gift guide to help you buy less stuff — maybe even buy nothing — and give more joy

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We kicked off our Buy Less Give More effort in 2021, as the world was still reeling from COVID and many were reluctant to gather in public or even go out shopping. We came up with creative alternatives to traditional gifts – alternatives that many believe are more heart-felt and more appreciated.

Now, two years later, many of us treasure time with loved ones more, and we see the environment flashing even more alarming danger signs.

That brings us to another season of giving. Giving of ourselves, our time, our creativity. In addition, more of us are striving to waste less, reuse more and fix things when we can.

At PIRG Education Fund, our consumer, zero waste and right to repair teams offer 10 ideas for gifts that people will definitely use and appreciate, and, in some cases, will help create new memories. 

As an added bonus, they’re better for the environment than buying random stuff that’ll be used a handful of times and then get thrown out or end up in closets, garages and attics.

Some of these gifts will take more effort, but you may enjoy giving it as much as the recipient enjoys getting it.

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Presenting the present

Once you decide on the gift, you as a giver can still get the vicarious thrill of your recipient’s joy. You just need to be creative in how you give it.

Read our blog post with ideas and tips.




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