Transportation ‘wish lists’ should include more repairs and fewer pet projects

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Brad Ashwell

Florida PIRG

Statement of  Florida PIRG on the 9,500 transportation projects included in the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Official’s survey of “Ready to Go” projects released today in an appeal for more transportation funding in a potential jobs bill.

“It is encouraging that Congress is once again focusing on transportation funding as a means to create jobs and address a huge national concern – our quickly aging infrastructure.  However, without specifics about these state ‘wish lists,’ there are no assurances that the projects included are in fact repair projects.  In the past, these ‘wish lists’ have included a disturbing amount of new highways and pet projects despite being sold to the public as needed repairs.  Any funding that goes out from Congress should be tightly-targeted to ensure that our aging infrastructure is in fact given top priority instead of unneeded new roads and highways.”

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