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Want the right to repair your stuff? We are working to get Apple, John Deere and other companies to provide access to the information, tools and parts we need.

Colorado Gov. Signs farm right to repair law
Ted Gotwals | TPIN
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis sign a law granting Right to Repair to farmers.

Companies don’t make things like they used to, and that’s a big problem. Not long ago, most consumer goods and business products were easily repaired with parts that were widely available. But more and more, manufacturers of cell phones, medical devices, appliances and even tractors have implemented various legal, digital and physical barriers that prevent consumers from doing their own repairs or using independent repair shops.

The result is a massive amount of waste — in fact, electronic waste is now the fastest growing waste stream in the world. Americans purchase about 160 million new smartphones each year — a habit that takes some 23.7 million tons of raw material to satisfy. Continuing to extract, produce and consume electronics at this rate is simply not sustainable. 

We are working to pass Right to Repair laws that would require manufacturers like Apple, John Deere and Microsoft to provide consumers and independent repairers with access to the parts, physical and software tools, and information such as schematics at a fair and reasonable price. By fixing our laws, we can make it easier to fix our stuff. That’s good for us, and good for the planet.

Right to Repair is notching state wins

Right to Repair legislation has passed in Massachusetts (in 2012 and 2020), Colorado (2022 and 2023), New York and Minnesota. Many other states are still moving forward.

So far in 2023, 30 states have introduced legislation.

  1. AK – SB 112 – covers everything but cars.

  2. CA – SB 244 – covers consumer devices, and SB 271 which covers powered wheelchairs. Both have passed the Senate, and await action in the Assembly.

  3. CO – HB1011 – covers farm equipment and has been signed into law.

  4. CT – HB 5755 / HB 6083 – which cover powered wheelchairs, and of which 6083 has pass its first committee, and H.B. 6512 which covers consumer electronics.

  5. DE – HB41 – covers everything except cars, has cleared committee.

  6. FL – HB 533 / SB 422 – which cover farm equipment, of which the Senate bill passed through committee.

  7. GA – SB 243 – covers all products.

  8. HI – HB53HB 1287 – cover all products except cars, SB 1172 – covers medical devices; SB 1105 and HB 645 – covers all products except heavy equipment and medical devices $100,000.

  9. IA – HF 587 – covers all products.

  10. IL – HB 3602 – covers powered wheelchairs, HB 3593 – covers all products except medical devices and cars, and HB 3601 – covers laptops and tablets used by school districts.

  11. MA – H 360 / S 142 – covers mobile devices.

  12. ME – SB 1487 – covers everything but cars.

  13. MD – HB 712 – covers farm equipment, was withdrawn. HB 1193 – requires access to repair data from cars.

  14. MI – HB 4562 – covers all electronic devices except cars and 6 similar measures HB 4609, HB 4673, SB 342, HB 4651, SB 341, and HB 4650, which cover farm equipment.
  15. MO – SB 554HB 217 – cover everything but cars, of which the Senate bill passed committee, HB 698 – covers farm equipment.

  16. MN – HF 1337 – covers everything but cars and medical devices, SF 1598 overs everything but cars, medical devices ag and heavy equipment. Both were combined into omnibus legislation which was signed into law.

  17. MT – HB 475 / SB 347 – cover farm equipment, HB 195 – covers powered wheelchairs.

  18. NC – H752 – covers medical devices.
  19. NH – HB73 – covers home appliances.

  20. NJ – AB 1538 – covers everything but cars, AB 3612 – covers farm equipment and lawn mowers.

  21. OH – SB 273 – covers everything except cars, farm and forestry equipment and medical equipment.

  22. OK – SB869 – covers consumer devices.

  23. OR – SB542 / HB3631 – cover personal electronics / consumer devices. The senate bill has passed the relevant committee.

  24. PA – SB744 – covers all devices except cars, medical devices, and outdoor power, farming, yard and construction equipment.
  25. SD – SB 194 covers all but medical, excluded cars.

  26. TN – SB0077 – covers powered wheelchairs.

  27. TX – HB 515 / SB 1654 cover farm and heavy equipment, HB 1606 – covers everything but cars.

  28. WA – SB5464 / HB1392 – cover laptops, tablets and cell phones. Passed House.

  29. WV – HB 3384 . SB 738 – cover farm equipment, passed the Senate.

  30. VT – H. 81 – covers farm equipment and has passed the full House, and H. 79 / S. 46 – covers all equipment but cars and medical devices.

What is Right to Repair? A short overview.

Let us fix our stuff

New economy

Let us fix our stuff

We should give every consumer and every small business access to the parts, tools, and service information they need to repair products by passing Right to Repair reforms.


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