Food Safety

Jif customers should start receiving coupons soon

Consumers who submitted claims for Jif peanut butter they’d bought that were part of the massive May 20 recall should start receiving their replacement coupons soon. Shoppers didn’t necessarily need to still have possession of the containers in order to request reimbursement, particularly because Jif instructed everyone at the outset to throw the recalled peanut butter away. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it’s received reports of 16 illnesses, including two hospitalizations. At least 20 other products from other companies, from ice cream to fruit dip, have also been recalled because they used Jif peanut butter. People who submitted online claim forms to JIF should have received an email that they’d get coupons to use on JIF products within six weeks. The trick will be finding Jif products the peanut butter hasn’t been restocked in many stores. Jif recalled peanut butter with lot code numbers between 1274425 – 2140425, only if the first seven digits end with 425 (manufactured in Lexington, KY), over concerns about possible salmonella contamination.

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