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Patients can now get quick and free access to their medical records

Patients will finally be able to digitally access most of their health records for the first time ever.

Good news

It used to be that when a patient asked for their medical records, they were met with long delays, confused responses from providers, and significant fees for printing out their records. As of October 6, 2022, those inconveniences are over. Not only will patients have timely access to their full medical records, including medical images, genetic data, and doctor’s notes, but they will be able to access those notes electronically for the first time ever.  No more finding a fax machine. Patients finally will be able to see their own health data to help them make important decisions for their health and  improve their overall health well being. 

Experts warn that it may take time for all health care professionals to comply with the rule. And  providers can block access in certain situations such as: preventing harm, privacy, security, and other exceptions. But patients should still insist on access and report any noncompliance to CMS. 

Take advantage of your new rights and request a digital copy of your medical records from your providers. Be wary of any companies who offer to collect your data for you. You’ll want to guard this important private information from third parties. Transparency is important to take control of your health – but keep these medical records between you and your health care professional. 

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