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FTC wants to hear from you on funeral home price disclosures

You have until Jan. 3 to submit comments about what you think of FTC plans to update price disclosures required by funeral homes.

Eli Solitas |
Planning a funeral can be chaotic and stressful, regardless whether the death was expected or not.

Funeral homes are required to give people specific price lists — if you ask in person. The rules were created nearly four decades ago — before most people had computers or email addresses. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) last month said its research shows that more than 60% of funeral homes have little or no pricing information on their websites.

The FTC is considering updating the disclosure requirements to be more consumer-friendly and help make sure grieving families are protected against “unfair and deceptive practices in the sale of funeral goods and services.” Anyone interested in this issue is welcome to submit comments to the FTC. The deadline is Jan. 3. For information on submitting comments online or by mail, go to:

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