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Electrolux recalls 77,000 Frigidaire gas stoves because of fire risk

Consumers should get new free knobs to replace ones that have cracked

Courtesy of CPSC | Public Domain

About 77,000 Frigidaire gas stoves have been recalled because the black plastic control knobs can crack and cause gas to leak and possibly cause a fire, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced. 

The stoves, manufactured by Electrolux Home Products Inc. of North Carolina, have led to 63 complaints of the control knobs cracking, with one fire and one minor injury. Owners can contact Electrolux for free replacement knobs by calling 800-314-3998, emailing [email protected] or going to

The stoves shouldn’t be used until the knobs are replaced. Stoves with chrome-colored knobs aren’t part of the recall. 

These recalled models were sold at Home Depot, Lowe’s and other independent appliance stores nationwide from March 2016 through April 2022. They sold for about $1,000.

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