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eBay still wants us to buy recalled toys

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As we were shopping for recalled toys in October, we set up a saved search on eBay. The company has continued to send us emails about new products that are listed, even though they've been recalled.

A day after our Trouble in Toyland report showed how easy it is to buy toys after they’ve been recalled, eBay sent us an email that another recalled toy was available to buy.

In October, we bought 13 of these stuffed animals through eBay. The toys had been recalled in June. It’s illegal to sell toys or any other product that has been recalled. (See page 4 of the document.)

The toys were recalled because they may contain levels of toxics — specifically phthalates — that exceed allowable limits.

Our report calls on merchants to do a better job of preventing listings of recalled products from ever being available for purchase. And we call on the Consumer Product Safety Commission to do more to crack down on companies that sell recalled products in violation of the law.


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