CoPIRG calls on AQCC to pass monumental Colorado Clean Cars rule

Alex Simon | Used by permission
A Golden resident holds a sign support of the Colorado Clean Cars rule.

CoPIRG is calling on the AQCC to pass the Colorado Clean Cars rule in the upcoming hearing scheduled for October 18-20 in Denver. The proposed rule will direct vehicle manufacturers to make and sell more electric vehicles (zero-emission vehicles including battery-electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and fuel cell electric vehicles) starting with model year 2027. By model year 2032, it would direct auto manufacturers to sell approximately 80% electric vehicles (EVs) – significantly improving air quality and health conditions across Colorado by decreasing the harmful emissions that contribute to air pollution.

“The Colorado Clean Cars rule would be a major win for public health and consumer choice here in Colorado,” said public health advocate Alex Simon. “Not only would it help our state accelerate the transition to a cleaner, healthier transportation system, but it also would  guarantee consumers in Colorado have the maximum number of options around electric vehicles in future years.” Read the full release here

Alexandra Simon

Former Public Health Advocate, CoPIRG Foundation


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