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Cleaner, quieter gift ideas for Father’s Day

Help Dad avoid a face full of pollution by using Colorado's new electric lawn mower tax credit

Eight different models of electric lawn mowers sitting on a green lawn.
Mark Wolfe via  | Used by permission
Electric Lawn mower Models

In case you’re in the market for a Father’s Day gift and need ideas, consider helping him — and anyone who mows a lawn — switch to electric lawn equipment. Doing so can save Dad money and help clean up our air at the same time. And thanks to a new program that went into effect Jan. 1, you can get an immediate 30% discount on electric lawn mowers, trimmers and leaf blowers at participating retailers across Colorado.

Gas-powered lawn and garden tools generate damaging noise and a shocking amount of pollution that has been linked to health problems including asthma attacks, mental health challenges and cancer. Due to advances in battery technology, electric lawn equipment is now capable, affordable, cleaner and quieter than gas tools. Electric equipment also tends to be easier to use and maintain, and saves money over time.

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