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Biometric gun safes: Another brand with 133,000 more safes recalled because the locks can fail

Courtesy of CPSC | Public Domain

Another gun safe has been recalled because the biometric lock is unreliable. SA Consumer Products has recalled 133,370 gun safes – the Sanctuary Quick Access Biometric Home Safe and the Sports Afield Home Defense 4-Gun Biometric Safe, according to an announcement from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

Unauthorized users whose fingerprints aren’t paired with the safe may be able to open it anyway. This poses the risk of serious injury or death. The Illinois-based company “is aware of 77 reports of the safe being opened by unauthorized users,” the notice said. “No injuries have been reported.”

This announcement follows similar recalls in February involving four other brands of biometric gun safes. About 120,000 products were involved. And last October, another brand recalled 61,000 gun safes for the same reason – that the biometric lock may fail.

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