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Baby hammock swing recalled for violating Safe Sleep for Babies Act

Courtesy of CPSC | Public Domain
CaTeam Canvas Baby Hammock Swings, recalled June 29, 2023

Seven months after the Safe Sleep for Babies Act took effect, a hazardous baby hammock has been recalled. The Canvas Baby Hammock Swings is a “banned hazardous product” under the law that took effect in November, according to the notice posted Thursday by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. About 700 are included in the recall.

The Safe Sleep Act, which was passed by Congress in May 2022, prohibits the manufacture, sale or distribution of inclined sleepers designed for infants up to 1 year old with an inclined sleep surface of more than 10 degrees. The law also applies to padded crib bumpers. The law is aimed at halting infant deaths and injuries that have occurred in products like these after the babies rolled from their back to their stomach and suffocated.

Parents and caregivers should not allow babies to sleep in products like these. People who own any products that have been recalled should not use them or give them or sell them to others, and should contact the manufacturer for a refund. Besides the Canvas Baby Hammock Swings, others that have been recalled in the last four years include:

The CPSC is also taking aim at Dock-a-tot, which is accused of importing an infant sleep product manufactured after June 23, 2022, that doesn’t comply with the a federal rule that’s similar to the Safe Sleep Act. The CPSC in November issued a notice of violation against Dock-a-tot. The company says it had chosen to discontinue the Deluxe+ dock for the U.S. market and had no plans to sell any of these products manufactured after June 23.
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