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Air quality leaders will now vote on lawn equipment in February

Commission will finalize a plan to cut harmful pollution from lawn mowers, leaf blowers in Colorado

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Eight different models of electric lawn mowers sitting on a green lawn.
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Electric Lawn mower Models

The Colorado Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) concluded their December rulemaking meeting by refining a proposal on “Regulation 29” to cut harmful emissions from gas-powered lawn and garden equipment and voting to issue a final decision at their February meeting.

During the rulemaking, the AQCC also voted to adopt a new ozone State Implementation Plan (SIP) and Regulations 7 and 26, to address ozone-forming emissions from the oil and gas sector.

CoPIRG Foundation called on the Commission to adopt the stronger “alternate” proposal before them for Regulation 29 regarding lawn equipment.

In reaction to today’s action, Clean Air Advocate Kirsten Schatz said:

I’m glad to see our state air quality leaders taking action to cut emissions from highly-polluting gas-powered lawn and garden equipment. I look forward to their final vote in February and urge the Commission to adopt the strongest language possible for Regulation 29 so we can cut harmful pollution from this sector as quickly as possible.

Depending on how far they go with this action, we may need to take additional steps to cut more pollution from dirty gas-powered lawn equipment in the next couple years. It doesn’t make sense to continue to allow so much pollution from cutting grass and maintaining landscapes when cleaner, quieter electric options are available — and when our region has been in violation of the Clean Air Act for over a decade.”

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