U.S. PIRG Education Fund Announces “Health Insurance 101” Campus Education Campaign

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Laura Etherton

U.S. PIRG Education Fund

Today, U.S. PIRG Education Fund celebrated the kick-off of its new health care outreach and education effort focusing on young Americans.

“We’re excited to reach out to young people at four-year and community college campuses across the country to share facts and tips about how to make the most of new health coverage options and tools while they are at school and after graduation,” said Laura Etherton, director of the campaign for U.S. PIRG Education Fund.

The outreach effort comes as the Affordable Care Act’s “health insurance marketplaces” prepare to open in states across the country. The project will engage the crucial demographic of Americans in their 20s, who have often found health insurance out of reach.

“Many students are uninsured or at risk of losing coverage soon – either by losing coverage under their parents’ plan when they turn 26, or by graduating and losing student coverage,” said Anne Filipic, President of Enroll America. “This project is critical to put good information into students’ hands when they need to find coverage.”

The campaign includes plans to reach out to hundreds of thousands of students at more than 100 campuses across at least 11 states, and may expand to include more states and campuses. Initial states include Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, North Carolina, Michigan, Texas and Washington. The project is supported in part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

U.S. PIRG Education Fund has a 40-year history of campus engagement. Through the outreach effort, staff, student volunteers and interns will connect with the campus community across the state, both online and in-person. The project is focusing on sharing practical tips for finding quality coverage that won’t break the bank, as well as a more in-depth young person’s guide to health insurance.

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