Story idea: Tips to prevent package thefts before the holidays

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CLEVELAND – When you combine the holiday season with more workers returning to offices at least part time (and therefore at home less), you have crime sprees waiting to happen. 

Reports of stolen packages have been on the rise this year, with nearly one in four people surveyed earlier this year by saying someone had stolen a package from them in the previous three months. A separate survey by ValuePenguin found that more than 35 percent of Americans have had a package stolen at some point.

But some simple measures can help you prevent thieves from stealing your online purchases from your doorstep. 

“It’s a shame that when people get such joy out of giving, they have to worry about gifts being stolen right off their — or their recipients’ — porches,” said Teresa Murray, Consumer Watchdog at U.S. Public Interest Research Group. “Getting ripped off is always bad, but it’s even worse at a time that’s supposed to be festive and when so many families are coping with inflation and job loss.”

For tips on preventing package theft, and what to do if it happens to you, see our helpful guide