CoPIRG calls on city to close bus gaps through rapidly transforming Central Denver

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DENVER: With transformational change coming to Central Denver including Mile High, Ball Arena, Elitches and Auraria campus in the next decade, CoPIRG is calling on the city to close the gaps in its 2030 fast, frequent bus plan that fail to connect major bus routes that run through the area.

Denver’s 2030 bus rapid transit plan, which is taking public comments through March 3rd as part of the Denver Moves Everyone 2050 plan, calls for dedicated lanes and frequent bus service on five major corridors – Colfax, Federal, Speer, 38th and Colorado. Four of those corridors serve the Central Denver area but they stop short of actually connecting to each other in the 2030 short list. For example, the E. Colfax Ave bus rapid transit upgrade would stop at Broadway instead of connecting to Federal Blvd and W. Colfax Ave, and the Speer Blvd bus rapid transit upgrade would stop at Broadway instead of connecting through downtown to Federal Blvd.

CoPIRG is encouraging the public to call on Denver to extend the services through this popular and rapidly growing area and close the gaps.

“There is a lot to like about the Denver Moves Everyone plan including hundreds of new miles of sidewalks, bike lanes, and bus lines that will expand travel options,” said Danny Katz, CoPIRG Foundation director. “Unfortunately, the four new fast and frequent bus routes that touch Central Denver don’t connect to each other. We know people don’t just travel along a single street but across a network of streets. So we need to ensure this new, great bus service will make it easy to hop between buses, especially in Central Denver, which is home to major sports venues, cultural hubs and a lot of new transformational development planned over the next decade.”

Areas that are undergoing major new developments or are targeted for possible transformative work include River Mile (Elitches), Ball Arena, Mile High, Auraria Campus, Colfax Cloverleaf, Sun Valley Redevelopment and Burnham Yards.

To submit a comment on Denver Moves Everyone, including the 2030 five bus rapid transit routes, go to this page and scroll to the bottom.