Reese’s Law signed, will save children’s lives

Olaf via Pixabay |
Lithium batteries like this one will be covered by Reese's Law.

Reese’s Law was signed last week by President Biden. It’s aimed at protecting young children from accessing and swallow button cell, lithium coin and other batteries that are often found in key fobs, remotes and calculators.

The law will require the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to adopt product safety standards for these batteries. Primarily, manufacturers will be required to ensure the products’ battery compartment isn’t easily accessible to children age 6 and younger.

In the meantime, parents and caregivers shouldn’t wait to do more to protect children from batteries that could injure to kill them.


Teresa Murray

Consumer Watchdog, U.S. PIRG Education Fund

Teresa directs the Consumer Watchdog office, which looks out for consumers' health, safety and financial security. Prior to her current role, she worked as a journalist and columnist covering consumer issues and personal finance for two decades for Ohio's largest daily newspaper. She is the recipient of dozens of state and national journalism awards, including Best Columnist in Ohio, Best Business Writer in Ohio, and National Headliner Award for coverage of the 2008-09 financial crisis. Among the accomplishments she’s most proud of is receiving a journalism public service award for exposing improper billing practices by Verizon that affected at least 15 million customers nationwide. Her work caused Verizon to reach an $80 million settlement with the FCC, the largest ever imposed at that time. Teresa and her husband live in Greater Cleveland and have two sons and a dog. She enjoys biking, house projects and music, and serves on her church missions team and stewardship board.

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