Effective State Exchanges Key to Lower Health Costs for Consumers

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HARTFORD, Feb. 24 – Policy-makers can address rising health care costs by implementing effective health insurance exchanges, according to the first in a new series of policy briefs released today by ConnPIRG, a consumer advocacy group.

“State governors and legislatures can enhance choice and competition by crafting effective exchanges,” said Larry McNeely, ConnPIRG’s Federal Health Care Advocate, “We aim to inform that process and ensure that the public interest is protected.”

Today’s brief, which is the first in a series of seven that ConnPIRG plans to release, details steps policy-makers can take to ensure that the state exchanges are accountable to the public and operate in the best interests of consumers and businesses.

“To succeed, this new health insurance marketplace must be run by and for businesses and consumers, not by and for the insurance lobby,” said McNeely.

The remaining policy briefs in the series, to be released over the next several weeks, will focus on additional steps needed to establish strong, efficient state health insurance exchanges, where consumers and small businesses can pool their buying power to leverage greater efficiency and lower health costs from insurers.

According to McNeely, “States from Utah and Massachusetts have embraced the idea of competitive exchanges. It’s time for policy-makers in the states to put the politics behind us and work together to rein in rising health care costs.”

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