ConnPIRG Statement on Governor Malloy’s New Data Transparency Executive Order

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Evan Preston

ConnPIRG Education Fund

Governor Malloy announced today that he has signed an executive order to collect and make available online raw government data. Below is a statement from ConnPIRG Education Fund Director, Abe Scarr:

“Governor Malloy’s executive order is exciting because it combines information openness and access. It instructs that information should be made public and provides an online portal where people can browse and search for that information, or download data for detailed analysis. And it helps ensure that transparency will be a priority by designating particular officials throughout state government who will be responsible for implementing this effort. Assuming that agencies follow through, this could be a real watershed moment.”

ConnPIRG Education Fund publishes an annual report on state transparency websites “Following the Money.” You can read last year’s report here. This year’s report will be out in coming weeks.