ConnPIRG Delivers Valentines, over 4,000 petitions supporting an Updated Bottle Bill to Legislators

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Hartford – On Valentine’s Day, ConnPIRG staff, student volunteers and citizen members delivered over 4,000 petitions to legislators asking for an update to the Bottle Bill.  Donning heart shaped pins saying “Connecticut loves the Bottle Bill” ConnPIRG volunteers delivered the valentines which included stacks of petitions, candy and a list of 80 endorsements from city and town leaders, environmental and conservation groups in bags decorated with hearts.

“We’re delivering this outpouring of public support to demonstrate Connecticut’s love for the Bottle Bill,” said ConnPIRG associate Sean Doyle. “The Bottle Bill works, achieving higher recycling rates, reducing litter, and saving cities and towns money.”

Bottles covered by the bottle bill achieve significantly higher recycling rates than those without: 70% compared to 25%. When the Bottle Bill was created in 1980, beer and soda made up the vast majority of single serving beverages on the market, but since then there has been a huge expansion in the market.

ConnPIRG collected most of the petition signatures in the fall, getting support in every legislative district in the state, which means every legislator got a Bottle Bill Valentine from constituents today.  

Students involved in ConnPIRG’s campus program collected many of the petitions. “For me and my peers, the idea that a soda bottle can be redeemed but a juice bottle can’t doesn’t make any sense,” said UConn student and ConnPIRG leader Scott Dombrowski. 

A growing list of Mayors, First Selectmen, Recycling Coordinators, conservation groups and other local leaders from around the state have endorsed the campaign, because the Bottle Bill keeps their communities clean and save municipalities money in clean up and trash disposal costs. 

The Environment Committee has raised a bill, Senate Bill 67, which will be considered in the coming weeks.

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