Speaking Up on GMO Labeling

With more than 3,000 petitions, we're reaching out to Stop & Shop in other ways to let them know what their customers want: labeling GMOs in their store-brand products.

Over the past few months, we’ve been collecting petitions from Stop & Shop customers across the state, calling on Stop & Shop to label their store-brand products that contain GMOs. And to date, we have well over 3,000 petitions (if you haven’t yet signed the petition, you still can).

And while we’ve been delivering these to local store managers and will be delivering them to corporate headquarters, we need to make sure they’re getting the message from different avenues. That’s why this week, we asked people to make a call to Stop & Shop to ask, “Can you label your store-brand products that contain GMO ingredients?” We spoke with real people at Stop & Shop who listened to our concern. But Stop & Shop hasn’t committed labeling GMOs yet.

The message we’ve heard repeatedly is that, as customers, we want and deserve this information. And the local grassroots movement that lead to the passage of the nation’s first GMO labeling law last year bolsters that message: We want labeling.

So join us in making a call to Stop & Shop (1-877-846-9949) and/or asking them to label GMOs on their Facebook page!