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New products added to Colorado’s “no PFAS list”

The fourth Colorado bill to ban PFAS will require companies to phase out the forever chemical from cleaning products, cookware, dental floss, menstruation products, ski wax and outdoor apparel.

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PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are a class of more than 12,000 man-made chemicals that have been linked to serious health effects.

We joined consumer and environmental advocates, health professionals, and clean water professionals in celebrating the passage of Colorado’s latest bill to phase out PFAS from consumer products.

The celebration event was at Metro Water Recovery’s Northern Treatment plant. Wastewater treatment districts have seen first hand the rise in PFAS contamination and the huge costs that come with dealing with these forever chemicals.

Colorado’s latest PFAS law bans forever chemicals from cleaning products, cookware, dental floss, menstruation products, ski wax, “textile articles” like backpacks and handbags, artificial turf, bibs, diapers, swimwear and outdoor apparel.

Previous laws banned PFAS from carpets or rugs, cosmetics, fabric treatments, food packaging, juvenile products, oil and gas fluids, textile furnishings, upholstered furniture and firefighting foam.

Check out more information from our celebratory event here.

Supporters of Colorado's newest bill, SB24-081, to restrict PFAS in consumer products gather to mark the state's progress Staff | TPIN
Metro Water Recovery treats approximately 135 million gallons of wastewater per day, with approximately 70% coming from residential homes Staff | TPIN
With limited options to treat water contaminated with PFAS, wastewater treatment districts have joined advocates in calling for the removal of PFAS from sources like consumer products Staff | TPIN
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