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New law tackles hidden fees and scams when purchasing tickets for concerts, show and games

The new law requires ticket sellers to include fees up front with the price of tickets. The bill also gives purchasers more ability to get a refund and gives Colorado law enforcement more tools to go after scam websites.

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Governor Polis signed into law a new consumer protection bill to tackle hidden ticket fees and scam websites at one of Colorado’s most iconic venues – Red Rocks.

Governor Jared Polis signs a bill at Red Rocks to bring more transparency around ticket fees and more consumer protections for purchasersPhoto by Jeannie Vanderburg | Used by permission

Consumers deserve to know what they are paying for, and how much, up front.

But too often consumers are blindsided with hidden fees after they’ve gone through the process of selecting a ticket and seats, whether it’s to a game, concert or show.

The new law requires ticket sellers to disclose all fees at the time they disclose the price of the tickets. This information will allow consumers more ability to shop around and put pressure on ticket sellers to eliminate unnecessary fees.

The new law also ensures consumers can get a refund if a ticket seller sells a counterfeit ticket or the event was canceled. And it gives Colorado law enforcement additional tools to go after scam ticket selling websites that use artists or teams names and logos.

For tips on how to avoid ticket selling scams, check out our guide.

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