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New drinking water standards would limit dangerous ‘forever chemicals’ exposure

EPA proposal will limit the levels of six of the chemicals that make up PFAS, building on actions Colorado has taken to reduce exposure.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a national standard to limit the levels of six of the chemicals that make up PFAS in our drinking water.  Also known as forever chemicals because they are nearly impossible to break down, these chemicals can be found in everything from textiles and children’s products to outdoor clothing and cookware and can leach into our waterways.

While the new rule, if finalized, will require water systems to filter PFAS in drinking water, CoPIRG has worked to also reduce PFAS at the source before they can contaminate our waterways.

Last year, Colorado passed one of the most comprehensive bills to date restricting the use of PFAS in consumer products as early as 2024. That bill was sponsored by Representatives Lisa Cutter and Mary Bradfield and Senators Julie Gonzales and Pete Lee.

The EPA is currently receiving public comments on the proposal.


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