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Governor signs major decarbonization tax credit bill incentivizing electrification in transportation and buildings

Governor Jared Polis signs HB23-1272, a significant package of state tax credits to incentivize vehicle and building electrification, among other decarbonization solutions.

Alexandra Simon | Used by permission
A new electric truck, shown here at the 2023 Denver Auto Show, will be eligible for statewide tax credits under the new bill.

This evening Governor Jared Polis signed  several bills this session that will help accelerate the adoption of cleaner and more efficient options for both transportation and our built environment. HB23-1272, Tax Policy That Advances Decarbonization, increases and extends the state EV tax credit, increases the state tax credit for electric medium and heavy-duty trucks, establishes a new statewide point-of-sale incentive for e-bikes, and expands tax credits for in-home heat pumps. A second bill supporting EV adoption, HB23-1233 or Electric Vehicle Charging and Parking Requirements, requires the state electric board to adopt rules facilitating EV charging at multifamily buildings, also heads to the Governor’s desk. Read more here.

Alexandra Simon

Former Public Health Advocate, CoPIRG

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