A dozen groups push for transparency about utilities using ratepayer money for lobbying, political contributions

Joint letter from groups comes as Colorado Public Utilities Commission holds public hearing on transparency rules

Eleven groups joined CoPIRG in calling on the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to more robustly oversee utilities when it comes to spending on things like lobbying, political contributions, tax penalties and advertising.

The PUC’s proposed rule outlines how utility companies should follow a new law restricting the use of ratepayer dollars for activities such lobbying, political contributions and advertising. CoPIRG and the other groups are calling on the PUC to strengthen that proposal and require utilities to provide data to prove that they don’t bill consumers for the aforementioned activities that have nothing to do with their core utility service.

“Better transparency will prevent the kinds of dark money and corruption scandals that have occurred with utilities in other states,” said Danny Katz, CoPIRG Executive Director. “It will also ensure that ratepayer dollars pay for what they should: safely heating, cooling and powering our homes and businesses.”

You can find a copy of the group’s letter here.


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